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I’ve opted not to pick up the SoT, and it’s not the game, it’s (some of) the people.

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - I've opted not to pick up the SoT, and it's not the game, it's (some of) the people.

Just a few bits before I get started:

  • I have not lost any treasure to or due to a player.
  • I get that this is a PvP game, this is not a complaint about PvP
  • I do not want the game to change for me.
  • This is a bit of a long rant, but you're not required to read it. You won't be tested on it. There will be no quiz. So good news there.

An hour ago I was looking up places in which I could purchase Sea of Thieves at a slight discount (since I'm on PC and can't take advantage of the lower cost Xbox option.) Didn't find any great deals, and decided to alt tab back to the game and I'd manage it later. I've got 4 days left on my game pass trial.

As of a few minutes ago, I've been convinced not to buy the game at all. I'm not a big PvPer, but I did my research into the game and decided that I'd give it a go anyway. Since you can avoid other players for the most part when you want to and I thought I'd enjoy the sailing. I was right on both counts. There has only been ONE interaction with other players that I didn't "allow."

What I decided on early in the game is that I will never get near another ship if I have anything to lose. However, I enjoy hanging out with people here and there and helping out if I can. I'm friendly. I was playing a PVP game. OMG PVP WTF.

No. I was killed by some of the people I approached and waved to, that's fine. They never got any treasure from me, but hopefully they got some enjoyment from the fight. It's a pirate game. They attacked and searched my ship. Good times. It's what I expected when I decided to sail their direction.

Some people I was able to help. And they're the reason I won't be getting this game. The best examples below…

As I sail up to an island with a ship off shore I watch it slowly sink. Looked to me like the player didn't realize he'd hit something on the way in and lost his ship while on the island. As I drop anchor I see him standing on shore with a chest. I offer him a ride to an outpost, he climbs aboard and keeps a tight hold on the chest. Fair enough. He doesn't know me. I sail us back to an outpost, he turns in the chest, runs back to the ship, and shoots a powder keg I had tucked away below deck. Thanks mate. No real damage done, but still, bit of a unique way of expressing gratitude.

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Another guy, and the final nail in the 'I think I'm not going to bother with this game' coffin. I sailed up to an island hunting chickens, didn't realize another player was even there. As I'm going for a cage I hear gunshots, so I leave the cage and jump into the water. After a short while I see a player running with this own caged chicken being chased by two skeles with kegs. Hit the lead one in the leg with my rifle, then detonate the keg and kill the other (getting a chain reaction achievement with it.) The guy finds me on the hill. I wave, he waves, good times. An exciting story for the kids. Turn around, get one of my own cages, and hunt a chicken. Find my color after a few minutes of searching and go back to my ship. Which is now leaving. Not very far though, since it's being sailed right into some rocks off shore. I watch my new found friend jump off the back end as the ship runs into the rocks. Thanks mate!

I'm alright with being killed in a PvP game, even if I have nothing. I know if a galleon finds me they don't get a message saying "This tiny little ship, established 1389, is made from Virginia pine, and carries 2 crap chests and a nearly starved piglet." You caught me, you sunk me, good on you. Sadly there was nothing in it but the chase, but that's 90% of the point, isn't it? What's driving me away is the actions I get from people I've helped once they deem I'm no longer useful. Of all the people I've actively done something for, I'd say about 66-75% of them kill me or destroy my ship for my trouble.

So, because of them, not the murderous pirate players, I'm out. I do apologize to the every day PvP pirates that will no longer be able to shoot the overly friendly waving 'pirate' with a canon ball on the first shot (damn fine shot BTW, if that was you random reader).

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So, for the final time. /wave

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