Sea of Thieves

Just a friendly reminder to Rare of every little QOL changes we really need.

thumb 1920 718808 1024x576 - Just a friendly reminder to Rare of every little QOL changes we really need.

Just let me say first i'm not english so my writing will not be on point, i will try to explain myself the better i can.

I love this game and i want it to be better and evolve over time and i think Rare it's doing a great job communicating and expanding SOT world but some little tweaks are still missing:

  • Let us take and place resources in barrels while holding a button instead of button mashing it

  • Legends Athena's voyage are too boring and punishing, nerf the skeleton spawn( like 4/5 every 20 sec…are u crazy guys?) or at least nerf their health to be like the normal ones who can be killed in 3/5 swing and not 12. Boost rewards like other companies 'cause its not fair the hardest content in-game gives you a seafarer chest…

-Nerf Skelly pistols,they hit you behind rocks and have insane accuracy

  • give us some rewards for killing Kraken and Megan every times like some chests or skulls! It would improve the gameplay so much!

  • Lets the legend shanty and megan one be played wherever we want

  • give kraken a body please

  • make ingame map changes to be possible to see wich type of animals every island should have so we don't need external apps and merchant quests would be so much understandable

  • for achievements hunters like me please fix some of your achievement! They're impossible to get! It would be nice to find for real bananas crates and wood crates.

  • fix the reward for completing random bottles merchant mission. They will give like 240 gold for give a full 50 cannon balls to outpost…wow

  • take back random items on beach please, i want to explore !

These are the first thing that comes in my mind but probably someone could give some other ideas. Thanks for reading and i hope it would be under understandable 😀

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