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Just a request for those doing PvP

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Do it. Absolutely. It’s a game about being a thief. Be clever and blow my ship up. Kill me over and over.

But do NOT bring stupid call of duty “get rekt scrub” “GG EZ” “Kill urself” etc. bullshit into this game. I’m not singling out teens or kids or adults or anyone because I’ve heard tons of different people call me slurs or spout stupid trash talk

You’re a pirate. Talk like one. Act like one. No honor among thieves but there is respect. Resist the urge to get upset because someone is better than you at that moment. You’ll get yours I promise.

I’m terrible at fighting but sometimes I get lucky. So I try not to whine when I lose my skull fort key because I was reckless.

Just a thought for you all. I’m trying to be better, so if you meet me I promise to not take it personally when you kill me.


EDIT: Some are saying this post is me whining and feeding the trolls. Sorry! The main point of this isn’t to silence trash talk or limit freedom of speech. It’s to remind those of us, like me, who forget that PvP can be fun and not to sink to the “salty bi*ch” level that comes with the shallow overused CoD trash talk.

EDIT2:There are trolls on the sub, don’t bother with them. “We are here and love your salty tears”. That’s their fun! The whole point of this post is to remind yourself you don’t need to waste time on people whose goal is to insult or make other people angry or upset. Trash talk should be a banter. It should leave you with the “oh I’m sooo going to get them back” feeling. Not the “I HATE THIS GAME FU*K THIS” feeling.

EDIT3: Didn’t deserve gold but thank you! Oh I mean… yarrr I got some gold booty for my words

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