Sea of Thieves

Just an impression of new player joining this game from almost 0 knowledge about it (longpost)

Sea of Thieves 7 - Just an impression of new player joining this game from almost 0 knowledge about it (longpost)

Maybe it's not much of a story for real legendary pirates but it was a busy evening for me to be sure and I need to share my emotions with people that are familiar to the game.

(It's some background to the story you can skip this)

So I heard little to nothing about this game since its release. I just knew there is a game named Sea of Thieves and that's mostly it.

Recently I was bored since I finished DS3 and had enough of guild wars2 so after a couple of boring evenings when I just randomly watched my favorite streamer I saw him playing this game with friends and it took my attention.

The scenery hooked me. The sea, waves, rising sun, the feeling of the ship running up and down – it realy looks awesome. Devs were able to catch that atmosphere and feeling of it. They made realy great job with this one!

But the feel of people randomly running around, drinking ale non stop, barely making 1 mission in 2 hours is not my style so I started to look for other streams. I found Chorizo's guide for solo slooping (my friends are not interested in this game and with my time zone it usually not that easy to find a stable group) and eventually his stream. After a couple of days watching him playing I decided to give this game a shot. But here starts the trouble – the price of this game. 60$ is not something I'd like to pay for a game that surely looks amazing but have some problems reported by players. I don't know for how long this game will entertain me so I started to think that maybe I'll take it when some promotion starts.

But then I found out 14 days free trial (MS web page is doing a great job in missleading and hiding information). Lots of information about xbox and little about pc doesn't help here.

So this the end of introduction and where the fun begins.

Today I got home and hastly turned on computer ready to get game pass trial and try game myself. Taking pass took several minutes, but the moment I clicked install button ms store gave me "some error" with no helpful info. So I spent a couple of hours googling and trying different workarounds to this problem with no luck, including stack exchange, ms forums, SoT forums. MS forums as always are doing a great job at not helping. I was about to accept that I will spend this evening just googling with no chance to play or even solve my problem. Eventually I figured out that game actually ready to be installed at C volume (where I didn't have enough space). So after some thinking I wiped my second volume (which only had several games installed – not a big deal) and merged my two volumes in one. This finally "solved" my problem but I still hate that this game is part of MS Store and MS in general. Just think about it – what if I'd buy this game for 60$ (or a xbox pass for usual price) and could not easily wipe and merge my volumes?

Well, game finally installed and launched. I spawned with sloop and closed team (I read enough about this game lately to know basics, let's say, I did my homework), packed my ship with some stuff and decided that I can try to deliver some chikens at first. Just to try managing ship for the first time and look around. I spent some time figuring out how to activate voyage and getting used to controls. Finally I went at my first adventure.

Then I spotted ship wreckage right in front of the outpost so I looted it first. It gave me 1 skull and a chest with sugar. First skull, first money and rep! Horizon looked quite buzy with a brig, a sloop and galleon. I turned in loot and went for some chicken. A couple of islands were empty but then in the sunken grove I found maradeurs chest chilling on top of the rock in the middle of island. I was spooked by a possibility of another pirates but still took chest and hid it in the bushes (as you guys thought me here). I looked around, didn't find any signs of other players and quickly scouted an island. It was empty, so I headed to the hidden chest but could not find it at the place. I paniced and started to looking for it while trying to spot other players fooling me around. Several heart attacks later I found chest chilling at the palm. It's still a mystery for me 1) how this chest was there alone 2) how did it manage to the palm from bushes. I turned it in quickly and went for the chickens for the third time already.

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I saw a meg near me, I didn't touch them and they lost interest.


Then I found that small island that spawns skeletons. Unfortunately there was a brig not that far. I spent some time watching it, it seemed that they were fighting meg. Also I didn't have any loot with me, so I fought skeletons. I killed captain, left skull in the water and checked that damn brig. They looked like they drowning so got excited and was ready to chase them and see if I can loot something from wreackage. But then I checked one more time and they already running at full speed away from my position. I watched them run into rocks, recover, run into another rocks and chill at place. I decided to take my skull and turn it in. They may look like noobs, but so am I, also chances are they have more than 1 player aboard. At my way to outpost I fell of the ship, it ran into outpost while I was waiting for mermaid. Another meg was swimming near but it all ended well. So I fixed ship, turned in skull and went for the chicken for the forth time.

But then I looked at one of those maps with burried chests and decided to try my luck with them. I found island quickly, landed and hey! There is a mermaid statue here. I spotted a sloop incoming so I got gem from statue and quickly returned to the ship. I loaded my canon and turned it to the sloop. It totaly coming at me. I gave one shot in their direction to warn them not aiming to hurt ship. They changed direction and fired back. I did two holes in their ship when they did the same to me. I ran to fix it and on my way back there is a dude at my ship. I almost died because he blocked my attacks and attacked back when I was catching my breath, but I took him at surprise and killed. They said to his partner "they killed me" they replied "we have holes, fixing". So I decided that it's my chance. I set sails while chewing bannanas and started to create distance, catched the wind. The trashtalked me, mocking me for running away but who cares. I only have 1 gem, but why fight 2 expierenced players? Then I noticed that I am heading red zone and changed directions, they chased me. I cathed wind again and headed to outpost. They almost caught me but I was able to create distance again. Then I ran into outpost at full speed, while jumping away with my precious gem and sprinting to the gold hoarder. I sold gem and hid in the place I spoted when I first spawned at outpost. Soon enough I heard voices of my "friends". Long story short – they could not find me. It's pretty obvious place but they ran around, then acted like they left and started to run around again. I had my portion of hide and seek fun and quit map. Not a single chicken was found that day.

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Next map was a neverending storm all around. I spent some time throwing water away but quit map soon.

Next map looked quite abandoned. I found another wreackage, it gave me 2 skulls and 2 silk chests this time. I turned them in, headed for a new adventure but noticed that last time I accidentaly touched sails I set them at half and now my ship is like 60% mermaid away from me. So I decided that its enough for one evening. I have my 4,5k gold, new unlocked commendations, 1 pirate kill and just 2 deaths from suicide skeletons.

I had a lot of fun! This game for me is something in between soloing stealth heists in Payday2 (which I love A LOT) and eve online (which I didnt play but heard a lot) except here you always have a ship.

All I could wish for is better pc. I turned water (I need this) settings at rare and other at ugly and common. Still have like 20 fps which is not that bad, but doesn't feel awesome.

All I can dream of is having this game in steam instead of ms store.

I don't know if it still will be as fun after 14 days. But since it gives me strong vibes of payday 2 stealth heists, it seems that I found my main game for a next 6 months at least. I don't think this game is for everyone. But my wife enjoys fallout 76 (she love exploring with friend, when she want to build settlement/story/npcs she jumps into F4 with tons of mods) and lack of popularity kind of benefits her. Since there is not THAT much players around, just enough to unite or pvp on occasion. For me some lack of popularity in this game benefits in the same way.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I am not used to write walls of text in english, so it could be a challenge.


Microsoft store and support sucks, scenery is amazing, game feels good to those who like something similar to payday 2 stealth heists and not afraid to lose everything at once. Perfect feeling of managing your ship. Game maybe lack playerbase and "content" but mechanics it has are executed well.

10/10 missing chickens will have fun for the rest of my free pass and looking into buy it after.

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