Sea of Thieves

Just Another Cheater In This ‘World’

Sea of Thieves 7 - Just Another Cheater In This 'World'

I understand if this is removed, but I'll take the shot in the dark at exposing or re-exposing a hack/cheat or whatever this will be classified as.

This happened a few nights ago as we were at a raid. A galleon with (as far as we know) 1 person on it came at us head on. I took care of his ship and proceeded to battle him under the water. I hit 2 shotgun shots (1 of unfavorable distance) and manage to die as he goes towards our ship. At this point, I lost a fight, it happens, move on.

I however respawn and fight him in the water again and this time with a teammate as well. 3 Shotgun shots from me personally and some pistol shots from my friend… still not dead and we both die. This is where I really got suspicious and went with the, "I don't normally claim someone is cheating…. but this doesn't seem right."


With the above portion of the incident (clip) being essentially what follows next, it became super clear. Not linking the entire situation visually as I definitely was agitated and speaking out my ass verbally (if you know what I mean). But just spreading some potential awareness. Lame people do lame things. :

Edit: For the people who are trying to be super nitpicky, I went to my friend's stream after waking up to find another perspective and angle. Even though it was obvious to me as a player, I can understand some people need more…

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