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Just another sea story

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So I decided to finish my grind to 50 gold hoarders today. My normal crew was unavailable so I decided to finish it off solo sloop style.

It didnt take me to long to finish that, and get all my fancy new ship decorations. So at this point I just aimlessly sail the seas looking for other players and see what happens.

I spot a galleon on the horizon, so I set my sails and start heading towards them. My initial thought was to just start shooting at them. I knew I would just die, but what the heck, just looking for some fun. I soon realize that they are heading to fight off the skeleton ships. I raise my sails at this point and just watch them battle it out from a distance for a minute while I decide what to do and when to make my move.

So I am just stalking them from afar until I see an opportunity where I can swing in quickly and land some shots on them. I swoop in and as I do, I am having to adjust sails and turn and all that trash, and wasnt able to get a good shot on them as I passed. But at this point I am alongside the skeleton ship. Manning my cannons I decide to just help them out. I land three shots across the skeletons starboard bow, finishing off the ship.

So now we are at an awkward moment were we are sort of feeling each other out. Everyone seems ok with the situation as one boards my sloop. I watch him as he starts grabbing my cannon balls and I think to myself, oh great, one of these guys. They are just going to take all my supplies. But he ended up staying on my sloop and helping me out, so I am like, ok cool, this helps a lot.


We sink all the ships with little difficulty, but we see two sloops approaching. We alliance up and quickly start trying to grab the booty. I tell them to load it up on their ship because I couldn't have done it with out them and I am fine with a 50% cut. We were able to grab very little before they were on us and a new battle begins.

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During the battle I run out of boards and I know my ship is doomed. They tell me to hop on their galleon so I grab what supplies I can and make my way onto their ship. I try to make myself as useful as possible repairing the ship or manning cannons as the skeleton ships have respawned and the battle turns chaotic.

After some time a sloop is within boarding distance and I decide to go do what I can to disable their ship. Me and my new found allies were able to take one out before I took a fatal blow to the back, I am out of the battle. As I get back I see the galleon go down. The enemy had dropped barrels from their crows nest and critically damage them.

We regroup and decide to teach them a lesson. We head straight back to them and another battle commences and we come out on top, and soon after we chase them out of the skull for they were trying to do. We were the masters of the seas that day, and we took what we wanted.

So we do the fort and the guys were awesome enough to give me all the loot from the skull fort. I was surprised at how much fun I had as a solo sloop.

So to "Yo its PoPo" "Mechanicswife80" "stealthypresens" and "Silent Bob RST" thanks for the great time. Fair winds and following seas to you lads.

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