Sea of Thieves

Just had by far my best Sea if Thieves experience

Sea of Thieves 6 - Just had by far my best Sea if Thieves experience

So I met this one British guy in another lobby, we do some bounty missions and we get some guy trying to grief and just decide to leave. I invite him back to another lobby and we decide to take on a skull fort. We set sail and get a pirate legend, looking good so far.

As we come to the island there’s a Galleon docked, so we sink it and think nothing of it. We got 3 guys fighting the island and 1 guy keeping watch on the boat for any ships. (my usual strategy) guy on boat says there’s a sloop, no big deal right? So the Sloop attacks and me and the guy on watch fend them off, they run away with major damage but we didn’t sink them. I stay on watch with the other guy and we see the Sloop turn back around, when we also see a Briggante to the right, starting to get worried now. The Briggante eyes us up a little bit, when the Sloop comes in for round 2, again no dice on the sinking. Then the Briggante rams and boards us. The 2 guys fighting on the island immediately head back to the boat, and we manage to fend of the Briggante and the Sloop. Then we see a GALLEON coming in, which rams us. Same thing happens, we fend them off. My ears were then hammered by a new crew mate saying “Hi, I just got here and killed 3 of that Galleon crew” what a trooper. After another attack by the Briggante we finally beat the skeleton captain, then we decide to book it and take the key with us, hiding it on one of the sails.


It takes the 3 ships maybe 2 minutes to figure out what happened, and we laugh as we see them all putting up the alliance flag with each other. Then we stop laughing when we realise that all 3 ships are chasing us, gaining speed too. We all say the best course of action is to have one of us jump off with the key while the others stay on and sail to there’s watery grave, Noble 1 style. I grab the key and jump off, landing at Old Boot Fort I think. My friends eventually sink, and the other ships realise the key wasn’t on that ship. Defeated, the Briggante gives up and we don’t see them again. However the Galleon and Sloop were still on the chase. After me and the lads fighter out where I’m at they set sail for me. It takes them 2 in game days to get to me, while I’m sitting on the island with my “precious”. Eventually they make it and I hop on. The Galleon notices and gives chase. Then one of he luckiest things to ever happen happens, they get attacked by the Kraken. The Sloop jumps in to try to save the Galleon, with no successes. We all laugh and raise our tankards while sailing back for Skull keep.

We finally make it back and I get a group photo with them before opening the vault, which was filled with treasure. We make it back and sell it all. I immediately friended all 3 of them. Finest crew I’ve ever had without a doubt, funnest crew too. Sorry if this was a mess, it’s 3 in the morning and I wanted to post this while it’s fresh in my mind.

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