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I have always loved the amount of details in this game, but I think the underwater part is not explored enough. Yeah the mermaid statues did for 2 weeks make people go underwater, but lets be honest, it was really boring,

What I would like to see rare add to the game down the line would be sunken treasure, but you will need to enter a old fashion diving suit. Making people be able to be under water for a longer time. To put a twist on it, you would have to have one person pumping oxygen on the boat to the person down below, and maybe the galion would have 2 pumps. Making them able to have 2 divers down below.

I would also add a new guild to, but not have them lvl to 50 to get PL for new players or old. You could go the other way here and make it so that you find a bit of everything here.


Or the voyages could randomly give a quest for the different factions. Sunken treasure for the GH, a captain that went down with the ship for OoS, maybe make them fight the skellie pirate under water. Spices/tea/suger og silk for Merch.

The best for me would be a combination of these two, the higher your rep is with the diver guild the better chest, skulls or merch stuff you pick up.

You could also add other types of sea creatures as enemies. And give a spear for underwater use.

I am just spitballing here, I know this can be a stretch for the game, but the first pressure proof suit was made in the 1710. So it wouldn't be too far fetched. It would make it way more fun to explore under water. I have by no means thought of everything, that is where the player feedback comes in, as well as Rares spinn to it.

Love to hear constructive feedback from the other players here.

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