Sea of Thieves

Just met the worst player ever on the face of the seas.

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So, just before I say anything, we'll name the two other people on the ship A and B. Mr. Bad Guy will be called C.

I join a galleon and I'm on my own, then A and C join. A is mostly silent but all good. C is horrible, and saying he's the worst player wouldn't even do him justice. He shouldn't deserve to play that game.

Anyway, we go to the Devil's Roar whilst C is being sort of obnoxious. B joins after a while, he's cool but no mic. Then, we get 3 Ashen Captains and then the toxicity starts. He then says "Put me in the brig" because he doesn't want to do anything himself. That's bad enough, before he, albeit in a joking manner, is rather sexist (I still find it bad considering it was a really horrible insult to A, who was female and even if it was a joke, it was downright rude). Then, later on, he straight up abandons A even though she has 2 of the captain's chests. We had accidentally raised the anchor WITH C RAISING IT. Then, afterwards, he blames us both for it with words that the Ghost Stories anime would find NSFW. After this, I leave, fuming over this guy's actions. It was easily the fastest time I reported someone.


Anyone else got horrible experiences with other players like this? I've never seen someone this toxic in all of my 20 years of gaming. Not even in some cancerous communities like Fortnite (kids) and Roblox.


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