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Just wanted to share my sea of thieves experience tonight

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None of my regular crew could play, so I decided to hop on a random brig tonight. I was greeted by two beginners who were playing for their very first time. I spent over an hour teaching these two how to properly angle the sails, and showing them how to get voyages before completing one of my mid level gold hoarders I laid down.

Much to my surprise we ended up with a grog chest, a chest of sorrows, and two captains chests. I was pretty pumped because I've only ever seen a grog or sorrows chest once before in my time playing this game.

Anyways I decide to pull us into the nearest outpost because I didn't feel comfortable sailing around with the loot on board and the others guys lack of experience, and we end up crashing into the docks. I tried telling them to grab loot first and worry about the ship later, but it was of no use. As Im running with a chest of sorrows, suddenly I hear it… all four guns of a galleon firing on us.


I look back to see a decked out galleon with 4 pretty little dressed up sailors on it raining hell on my poor new guys. They were panicking and barely got a sword swing off before they got sent to the ferry. I sell the chest and run back hoping to sell more loot but its way too late, 1 of them is on top of my sinking ship with another climbing the ladder and 2 more in the water, all of them popping shots at me. I ran back to town to grab bananas and a blunder buss before running back and managing to kill two of them before they got me.

I was pretty pissed (partially at my self for not scanning the horizon as diligently as I should have) because I missed out on selling those rare chests, and at the other crew for having no mercy on those poor white rag sailors.

I'm usually a friendly sailor, passing by ships with a wave, and never attacking unless fired upon, but now I'm pissed. I want revenge, and these seas just turned a little more dangerous.

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