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Karen and Skelly Ships.

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So – I was doing Skelly Ships with irl friends (It's normally a struggle to get them on but they enjoy Forts and ships, so will play for those). We done them with no issue and other than the regular complaints about the inability to grab loot in time before the next wave etc; they seemed quite happy.

However, what was about to unfold would dishearten any pirate – We watched the Captains Ship sink and started sailing towards it in the hopes of the 'prized' loot. The very second the ship despawned beneath the water the Kraken came, the water became pitch black and we tried to move straight out.

One of the boys who was on the wheel after I went down to repair was grabbed and experienced the camera glitch – He was stuck in the sky for 5 minutes~ unable to free himself, so there's 2 of us left on the boat.

We got grabbed just as we were almost out of the ink and between the two of us and at least 4 reloads each (before giving up) 40 shots didn't get rid of the tentacle – It eventually released us on it's own and we sailed out the last inch to the safe zone.

Anyway, we obviously didn't see or get the loot from the event we had just spent an hour or so doing and further than that, it was actually impossible for us to get it as the Kraken came the very second the ship disappeared and sat there like a grade A d*ckhead for the next 10 minutes.

That needs to be adjusted – The Kraken doesn't spawn on top of forts right when the door has been opened, that would be ridiculous. It shouldn't spawn on top of ships, not before you've even had 20 seconds to loot.

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  1. Karen shouldn't spawn in or around the skelly ships – Spawn it on the way back to the outpost, sure, but not before we've even had a chance to loot.

  2. Loot needs to be improved (And easier to collect with adjusted wave timers; it doesn't even get close to the surface sometimes before the next wave starts) You're only penalising smaller crews and non-allied players for doing something that's more difficult as such.

  3. Karen has significant issues (camera glitch, seeming invincible tentacles) and is just a waste of time, it's not hard to escape – Same applies to Meg, they're just pests right now.

  4. Up the float timers on loot around the Skelly Ships zones – Or just in general.

  5. Loot value needs to be upped significantly – You can slash-n-dash a Fort in 20 minutes solo and see more return than you get doing ships with a whole crew and 1h+ of your time (Without Karen turning up at the end as well).

  6. Every other suggestion that's been made regarding Ships.

It's going to be hard to get them involved in any content again as they were so disheartened. Regardless of what they do, I won't be doing ships again and judging by the amount of clouds you see when hopping for Forts and lack of ships when you do decide to do one, not many others are either.

TLDR; Karen came the second the captain ship despawned and we had no chance to get the loot, it needs adjusting with the rest of the issues surrounding SS.

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