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Kind of feel like a d*ck but kind of don’t too

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So, I always try to help folks out if I can in the game. If I’m cruising around and someone is friendly I’m more than happy to help.

So I was running a voyage and was on Fetcher’s with my sloop tucked neatly behind the rocks where it is a safe. A brig rolls up and I greet them and invite them to an alliance. They accept and join and then am met by a sniper bullet between the eyes. Ok no big deal I think. My loot is hidden on the island so it’s safe. I pop back in as the volcano is erupting. Their ship sinks as they were in the open. I see someone frantically swimming towards my boat taking damage. He starts yelling that he’s sorry his crew mates shot me and that it was a random crew. It was a fairly young kid.

Apparently they were here earlier and had dug up a bunch of stuff but were sunk and killed by the volcano. I tell the kid no problem. I’ll help him out. His crew was probably going to be a while and since we were an alliance I’d give him a ride to the outpost with his stuff. He can’t die so he just does runs from the beach back to the ship with loot.

All is well until I see him on the beach and my ship rolling by. I ask what he’s doing and he said he raised the anchor so we could leave quicker. Well the sail was down. I manage to hop a mermaid and catch it before disaster strikes and decide to be risky at this point and just roll up to the beach to load quicker.


He does it AGAIN. We get the last of the loot onto the ship as his crew rolls back up. They open fire. I board them and kill them. I told the kid to drop their anchor and do what he can to help me. He just stood there.

So they are neutralized and I have a decision to make: help this kid who has made this whole process difficult and in the process give his as*hole crew some gold and XP… OR I leave the alliance and take all their loot for myself.

As the volcano starts smoking I turn to the lad and tell him, “Hey there’s one more good chest over behind that rock. Go get it real quick.”

As he gets halfway across the beach I set sail and leave the alliance. He cries into his speaking trumpet, “Where’s the che- wait WAIT! WHY? Why did you do this to me?” Literal tears. The remorse is strong but I made my decision. I don’t look back. His pleas are cut off by the sound of a lava rock crashing down on his tiny baby pirate head.

I really did feel bad, but the rest of his crew were d*cks. I know he was a kid but he didn’t follow instructions and made it too difficult for some basic things I was trying to be nice about. And I refused to let the other two crew members get any money or loot. I say the kid was collateral damage, although I felt bad. Was I wrong? Had he been a solo sloop and a pain in the ass I would have helped but I KNOW had the crew managed to sink me they were taking my stuff and leaving the alliance.

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