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Ive read it all about PL being d*cks and just going around causing havoc. I've only ran into a nice one once. Except yesterday morning i was solo brigatine and decided to do merchant. I stocked up a ton of cages, waited for a good order, was already at daggers tooth right next to crooked masts. I wasted 40 mins getting all this ready.

So I get one I like, start heading to crooked, I noticed a sloop heading towards dagger. I said ok I'll be mindful. Soon as I'm raising sails to slow to crooked I look back and he's facing me growing closer. I know he sees my spyglass glint pointed at him. He gets even closer and then I saw the PL sails. I thought oh great, either hes coming to help or coming to smoke me. I coulda just dropped sails and tried out sailing him but i said heck ill see where this goes.


I jump off the front of my boat, mind you nothing but empty crates on it, I swim underwater towards him in case I need to pounce and on way as I'm rep under I hear cannon shots ring. I knew he was pelting my boat. I go up the back ladder and there's one with all purple on waiting to pistol me in the face, I sneak up the other ladder, knock him off with a buss. Turn to kill the other one and what do ya know, two decked out PL shooting my ship when not a hair of aggressive and just left outpost so knew I had nothing.

SMH, you can downvote, tell me git gud, "it's a pirate game", be more pirate, or even get a crew. Point is I'm slowly believeing this PL tale and that they are really bored or something, they'll impede us from getting there if they feel its a must.

Sorry had to vent. I rage quit after that happened…

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