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Legendary Pirate Prestige System

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So as I make my way up the steep ladder to Legendary, I noticed that doing Athena quests seems a tad dull for going through so much blood, sweat, and tears as you do to reach them. The concept of improving the experience is simple. Add a system to put points of some sort towards prestige in one of the three factions once you hit Athena 10. You then get exclusive cosmetics for those factions you prestige in.

It could bolster gold gains a bit from that factions redeemables, but that idea is a bit iffy because prices for prestige gear would get insane. A tattoo system for evolving tats would be awesome, giving you the "Midus touch" appearance of the Gold Hoarders NPCs, black eyes and ghostly shifting ink for the Order of Souls, and trading company marine anchors for the Merchants Guild. As you continue to prestige, the tattoo designs become either more intricate, or all consuming.


Finally, prestige could either be infinite, giving you the chance to brag over everyone else that you reached x prestige with y faction, or finite, giving you the "Mythic" pirate title and unlocking the hidden lower deck of the half sunken ship in the underground tavern. Said under keep would be exclusive to pirates wearing the title, making it look like you phase through the boards leading down to everyone but you. Inside are black, gold and green-glowing clothes, peg-legs, hooks, eye-patches, and glowing eye cosmetics, as well as boat appearances that make you look like a specter of ill fate for all who cross your path.

With that, and my fingers aching from all the typing, I'd like to hear what you all think of a system like this down the road. It would certainly make hitting pirate legend far more appealing than it is currently (at least for me, that is). Lemme know what you think.

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