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Lets talk about the practice of reading up the guide and then complaining on reddit about lack of content. WARNING: Long rant

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - Lets talk about the practice of reading up the guide and then complaining on reddit about lack of content. WARNING: Long rant

I was going to post this as a reply to someone's post but the rant ended up fairly long and i felt it needed its own post.

Maybe next time don't go read the guide/locations at reddit and then later come complain that the game never gets any good content because you finish it in mere hours. You're right to complain if its easy for you to figure out, but don't come complain its short if you followed a guide.

Try just doing the easy clues and then play normally finding chairs while explore the game for the rest, maybe also approaching ships parked for long times at an island with lights on, suspecting they know a big throne location. You know, using in-game ways of figuring out where things are.

The hungering deep was a real fun event for those who took the extra time to figure out the clues, it made the game feel alive and that there things happening in the game that you don't get to see but get to know about. Maybe you take one or two days if you get stuck once or twice but at least you're not done in 2 hours and the updates can keep you busy for more than a brief moment.

it's not like guides and reddit are the devil, quite opposite, for those who didn't have the time to play a lot and muck around the map, or for those who didn't figure it all out, there's guides and week-end influx of players to help you rush through the event content with, securing the items for you even if you failed figuring out the event for yourself. But only do this on day one only if you're totally uninterested in playing the update and only want the new skins from the patch, log out and wait for the next event because you're PL and feel like the game is over for you or whatever.

Just my two cents; if you spoil the game for yourself than you deserve figuring out there is nothing left for you to do after a few hours, i know its an unpopular opinion because from what I've seen here; people expect content that's repeatable, still challenging after first play-through and keeps you busy for an entire week if you are that type of player who reads up and knows everything about the content on release… on a game where everything is supposed to be simple and easy for everyone to understand (accessible), not every player can take the time to practice every mechanic or learn every island name and shape on the horizon and their position relative to each other on the map.

There are people with jobs + other irl responsibilities out there, There are people who require more time at learning the geography and might not get as good at the combat or the social or even mental mind-game aspect of dealing with other players. (making friends with other crews, or tricking people into misreading your intentions to give you an advantage)

My complaint is not about the lack of content or difficulty, my main complaint is with the community and the way they treat the game and others ruining it for those who actually enjoy it the way it is right now, people who need games to have a sense of adventure, who can enjoy spending a lot of time searching for clues while getting no sort of tangible progression while looking, going back and forth, repeating clues until they get finally get it.

I yesterday logged on to an open crew wanting to do some voyages to warm up because I've taken a week off the game, maybe find something along the way considering its so early in the event and people probably don't know every location, i even told my crew i didn't want to do thrones out of a guide or something so if that's what we're doing i'm just going to leave. First thing that happens before anyone gets to put on a skin for the ship "lets go to this island south-west of us" without putting down a voyage, and what do you know, when we got there i saw a throne on the top, and looking at the clues on the tab screen this one was one of the harder ones to figure out on your own, event spoiled, thanks guy.


The events require you to cooperate, but every other player you meet doesn't have the patience to go look for the things and just goes to the reddit for answers, making it pointless for those who look it up, and just a bad experience for those who wanted to figure it out for themselves.

2 weeks is good, because i'm going to have to take a week to get the will to play this game again after experiencing this. Also have to wait until those people are done with the event, logs out and goes onto reddit to complain again about the lack of content.

This is not a one-time thing either, i was on a random crew doing the hungering deep event after I've done it, asked if people want to speedrun it or figure it out by themselves. Two wanted to figure it out, one (the youngest one) wanted to speedrun and be done with it, he already read the spoilers on reddit before they logged on so he'd just spend a lot of time sitting down watching everyone else have a whole lot of fun doing the new stuff while he waits for us to sail up to the next journal. I told him its not going to take too long if i'm there to hold their hand when they get stuck so don't worry (they were very new new to the game, like week 1 or 2 so didn't know about all the taverns so needed hints finding the barmaids, had to list the names of the taverns and tell them how the maids look like). The guys had fun reading the clues and were quick to read the map and figure out the locations on the uncharteds, and the barmaids were easy if you had the list of all the tavern names and a picture of the barmaids, but i had to stop the kid at every turn from marking the map and just saying where it the things are. Constant bickering from the impatient one made it hard for people to remember the clues so i had to recite them from memory as well (rock next to uncharted looks like his enemy etc)

I feel like this is going to be a reoccurring problem with the weekly events and one of the best solutions i can come up with is a css styling for the reddit that filters out spoiler tagged content for those who don't want to be spoiled, and banning people who post spoilers on the reddit without tagging them, this will encourage players who are born explorers to play the game the way they're meant to (for them, not everyone), and motivate players to find like-minded players before heading out, either way, reading spoilers and just heading out no questions asked on an open crew should NOT be the norm, it should be the other way around where people who just want it done at day one seek eachother out and have a nice and fast speedrun session, keeping in mind that speedruns are fun for the type of players who likes to play that way.

TLDR: Dont read guides and complain that the content is short. Don't ruin the new content for those who don't want to spoil it for themselves. Events where investigation is the content NEEDS to be solo-content because you only need one spoiler on the crew to ruin it for everyone else. The reddit needs a CSS styling that filters out spoiler posts because some of the titles have spoiled the locations for people as well We need to start moderating the reddit and punishing those who ignore the rules and posts spoilers without tags anyways.

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