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Life lessons for my daughter delivered by joining forces with a Galleon

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We met last night while fighting another galleon and all the signs were there for a friendly encounter, so we teamed up. In party chat, we laughed as we conquered the other galleon and stole their loot. Then decided to head to the skull fort to conquer it as a team, agreeing to split up the loot. During our battle at the fort, we had our hands full as we encountered more pvp than I can ever recall, but alas we won and the vault was opened.

This is when things started to change…

As we were carrying the loot that was divided, our team's ship dropped sails and began to sail away. We just assumed it was our non mic player, because he was full of surprises all night. We agreed to ride with you to the outpost. Looking back at the situation, I should have seen this coming.

While on the ship, you seamed awfully curious about the inventory of people on your ship and as soon as you found out that I was the only opposing teammate, things changed. I noticed weapons at hand and felt distrust to the behavior of your crew. Then you asked one of your teammates "did you get my text?", that's when I knew things were not in my favor at all. My ship was on the other side of the map, so it was up to me to collect my loot. I knew that was not a part of your plan though. While raising the sail during our approach to galleons grave outpost, you took the first shot at me. It didn't kill me, but I knew your apology was insincere. Then your boat crashed into the shore because your crews attention was drawn towards me. Your crew laughed as there was an all out manhunt for me on your ship.


Before cutting me from the party chat, you said "you must be slow if you don't see what's coming to you"

What you failed to notice were my gunpowder barrels below deck. These were my insurance policy and I hoped I wouldn't have to use them. While one of your crew turned in the stronghold skull, I was running around the ship eating bananas and evading the fire from the other 3 members of your team. They chased me to the bottom floor where they were met with a barrel to the face. I laughed as I saw the 3 ghostly figures disappear. So I used my pistol to shoot the other barrel on the other side. The damage from running ashore and two barrels exploding was enough to sink your ship. I waited for you at the top of the ladder with my cutlass swinging, by now it was too late. You ghosted and left us with the remaining treasure off the shore.

I only wish I could have heard your party chat to bask in the disappointment.

My daughter was genuinely upset, so it brought up the opportunity to discuss betrayal and how important it is to notice red flags in the behavior of others. These are life lessons I've learned in real life with actual consequences, so for her to feel that emotion in a safe place, was great for me.

To the other team… thanks for the remaining loot and for the opportunity to teach another life lesson.

To everyone else… remember the game is built on a platform to encourage thieving, so always keep your guard up and build a backup plan when you decide to team up with others ?

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