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Lifeboat Adventures…….#solokeelhaul

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TL;DR – Soloed Keel Haul with a rowboat and 1 life.

Just to tell you a little about my adventure leading up to one of my most intense and nerve racking things I have done in this game.

Started out as a simple day running solo merchant quests (grinding out that faction). Back and forth I go minding my business, gleefully grabbing those chickens, snakes, and pigs for my Merchant overlords. During this time I ended up nabbing one of those neato rowboats (lifeboat in this case) everyone is talking about. Figured it would look ultra cool on the back of my sloop giving it that bling factor (I hear its all the rage with the Legends). So I said what the heck, threw it on the back of my sloop and I was off.

Minding my Merchant self and having a swell time I see a skull fort pop. I didn't think anything of it cause I was running a solo sloop. Running back and forth between Golden Sands and Sanctuary that green eyed bastard kept staring at me. He was taunting me over and over, cackling….staring ….looking into my soul. At least i think it was, I may have been out at sea too long and starting to see and hear things. Happens when your only friends at sea are chickens and pigs.

I finally decided after my last drop off at sanctuary what the heck…..I had enough resources what could be the harm of going over there and seeing if I can get close enough, dock and try to solo this dude.


As I got closer and closer…. I could hear that green goblin starting to taunt me even more. As I approached the island, I knew my only shot of getting close enough was to come in hot and anchor stop. I said what the heck….picked a line that would have sailed me right between two cannon towers. As I was fast approaching I received a barrage of cannon fire (I think every cannon on the island was firing in my direction). I was getting hammered from every cannon ball flying my way and the next thing I knew I blacked out……….(queue the ferry)

I finally come too on my boat and its taking on massive amounts of water. I frantically tried to bail but no luck, my friend of my Merchant adventures was sunk =(. At this time I didn't know what to do…I swam away as she went to the bottom of the sea. When I turned around to see if I could get my bearing….there it was. The one thing that I didn't expect…… my lifeboat.

Seeing the lifeboat and my mermaid sitting right by each other I had a choice to make. Do I take the easy route and mermaid back to my new ship with my tail tucked between my legs……or do i sack up, jump in the rowboat and go take it to this green eyed bastard!!!

From this point the rest is history. #solokeelhaul #1life1rowboat

BTW my gamertag is T0nfun (just for more pics and videos of this adventure)

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