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List of the 31 best Cursed Chest Ideas so far (with names and descriptions)

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Some of these I've thought of myself, and others that I've found suggested on this subreddit. I discarded many ideas that were too similar, or that I thought would be too hard to code into a game like Sea of Thieves. I've worked hard to give each a creative name that are relevant, mythical-sounding, but don't immediately betray their enchantment to newer players. Without further ado, here are 31 fantastic ideas for Cursed Chests:

  • Chest of 1000 Grogs
    Worth an average of 1,000 gold
    Sailors become drunk when holding this. Effects can be diminished temporarily by splashing its face with sea water (although can't currently in-game).

  • Chest of Sorrow
    Worth an average of 1,500 gold (I think it should be worth more than the ~900 it currently is)
    Periodically cries and fills ship with water. Can be calmed temporarily with sad music (although can't currently in-game).

  • Chest of Legends
    Worth an averate of 3,000 gold
    The ship of the crew who digs up this chests becomes cursed. Their sails appear ragged, their ship appears heavily damaged, and the crew become glowing green skeletons. They remain this way until SOME crew, possibly them, turns in the chest.

  • Chest of Artemis
    Worth 500 – 2,500 gold
    Glows and shimmers in full splendor based on moon phase, also changes in selling value. Most value at midnight during full moon.

  • Chest of Helios
    Worth 500 – 2,000 gold
    Glows and shimmers based on sun exposure, also changes in value. Sells for most during clear day at noon.

  • Chest of Heavenly Light
    Worth an average of 2,500 gold
    Bright beacon, especially at night, shoots upwards even through the deck. Visible from most of the server.

  • Chest of Rejoicing/Celebrations
    Worth an average of 1,900 gold
    Shoots fireworks upwards that either damage ship (if below-decks) or alert other nearby ships (if placed on top of the ship).

  • Chest of Devilish Whispers/Old Bones
    Worth an average of 1,400 gold
    Periodically whispers ancient chants to summon hostile skeletons around itself, even aboard a ship.

  • Chest of Fresh Blood
    Worth an average of 1,200 gold
    If it ever touches water, many sharks follow it/the boat until it is turned in.

  • Chest of Foul Blood
    Worth an average of 2,000 gold
    If it ever touches water, a Megalodon will attack the ship within about 2 minutes. If it remains dry, the attack happens in ~20 minutes.

  • Chest of Deep Horrors
    Worth an average of 2,400 gold
    Periodically groans/moans for a short warning period until Kraken attacks the ship holding it.

  • Chest of Cursed gold
    Worth an average of 2,600 gold
    Acts as secret beacon for powerful (but beatable) legendary skeleton ship to chase down the ship carrying it.

  • Chest of Thor's Curse
    Worth an average of 900 gold
    Lightning occasionally strikes the chest and anyone near it, even in clear skies.

  • Chest of the Tempest
    Worth an average of 1,600 gold
    Full sea storm slowly forms and follows the chest.

  • Chest of Cursed Clouds
    Worth an average of 1,200 gold
    The sea around ship carrying this becomes thick with fog. It's hard to navigate, and a confusing but unmissable sight for other ships.

  • Chest of Thorns
    Worth an average of 1,000 gold
    Slowly grows player-damaging vines across the deck/hold, which can be hacked apart with swords.

  • Chest of Ink? Fear? (please suggest a better name for this one)
    Worth an average of 1,100 gold
    If startled/frightened (using same requirements as scaring pigs/chickens), it screams and sprays ink everywhere, obscuring sailor's vision.

  • Chest of Lead
    Worth an average of 1,500 gold
    Sinks instantly in water. Sailors struggle to not sink while swimming with it. Weighs the ship down so second-deck holes fill faster and slows down ship slightly.

  • Chest of the Ventriloquist
    Worth an average of 900 gold
    Imitates sounds of ship, including: sails, anchor, ship damage, bubbling water, skeletons, weapons, evil laughter, skull fort noises, etc.

  • Chest of Gales
    Worth an average of 1,400 gold
    Wind is stronger but erratic.

  • Chest of Metallic Pull? Of Eternal North?
    Worth an average of 1,800 gold
    Every compass on the map points to this chest until sold. Cannonballs curve to hit it, and therefore the ship holding it.

  • Chest of Poseidon's Curse
    Worth an average of 900 gold
    Chest withers away if not dumped in the sea periodically.

  • Chest of Mutiny
    Worth an average of 800 gold
    Crew mates can attack each other until it is sold.

  • Chest of Chunks
    Worth an average of 800 gold
    Sailor carrying it vomits often.

  • Chest of True Sight
    Worth an average of 1,310 gold
    Sailor carrying this chest is blind.

  • Chest of Drenched Secrets
    Worth an average of 1,200 gold
    Chest is invisible unless dripping wet.

  • Chest of the Pacifist
    Worth an average of 1,400 gold
    Cannons on ship do not work when this chest is present.

  • Chest of the Bard
    Worth an average of 900 or 1,700 gold
    Sings a unique shanty, maybe required for unique vault somewhere.

  • Chest of the Jester
    Worth ??? gold
    Periodically giggles and changes to imitate random other chest. Sells for value of imitated chest, usually low-level but rarely valuable or cursed. Only changes when on a sailing ship and not watched.

  • Chest of Wrath
    Worth an average of 1,400 gold
    Periodically starts screaming and hissing louder until it explodes ~20 seconds later. Chest is no damaged by explosion. Cannot be stopped; only moved safely away from the ship.

  • Chest of Creeping Legs
    Worth an average of 1,500 gold
    If/when not being watched, it grows crab legs and crawls to edge of ship, and jumps in water, swimming into the ocean.

Currently the only cursed chests in the game are the Chest of 1,000 Grogs and the Chest of Sorrow, but they are some of the most fun loot to find. Expanding upon this bank of rare, gameplay-varying items could provide some tense moments of real risk and value with an excitingly large reward, relative to low-level players. If there are enough varieties of Cursed Chests (this list of 31 is more than just a start), and the spawn rates of them are kept rare enough, then Cursed Chests could greatly enhance the replay-ability and hours spent on this game for even weathered veterans of the seas, such as pirate legends.

Another options is for Athena voyages to always end in some sort of Cursed Chests, and have all Cursed Chests be turned in to the Athena merchants (Mysterious Strangers) found inside Taverns. This ties the Athena's Fortune into the rest of the game better, especially so low-level players have a rare chance to earn Athena reputation, and interact with the mystery of those "Mysterious Strangers."

I've worked pretty hard on this but I still don't really expect they'll ever actually read it, much less add any of these cursed chests. It would still take some development time for each one, and they already have teams working on other slow-drip content. I'd squeal with happiness if they responded that they liked these ideas, though.

TL;DR: Just read the chest ideas and tell me what you think. 🙂

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