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List of Upcoming Features for the DLC’s

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Just thought I would compile a list of upcoming features that have been mentioned throughout E3 and the Tales from the Tavern podcast. Let me know if I am missing something. Thought this would be nice for people who have not got an interest in watching them and just want to see what they announced. Sorry if this has been done before.


Second DLC: Cursed Sails

Skeleton Ships: They will emerge from the water and will be the main focus for the DLC. Join up with other crews and take them on for rewards.

Cursed Cannonballs: A variety of cursed cannonballs that can curse ships to drop anchor or move/raise sails. Can also effect the crew with the grog cannonball that will make them drunk.

Brigantine: A ship designed for 3 players. Will most likely have 2 sails to operate and will have multiple decks like the galleon.


Third DLC: Forsaken Shores

New Region: A new region called the Devil's Roar will be released. It is said to be a set of islands with a volcanic theme. Geologically unstable. The environment will be harsh and deadly.

Rowboats: You will be able to drop your loot on the rowboat and row it out to your ship rather than having to swim with it. Looks to be very useful in the new islands as the developers hinted towards possible hazards preventing you bringing your ship too close the the island.



4th DLC: Full Sails/Tall Tails/Four Sails

The name has not been confirmed but was teased as rhyming with "Fall Snails". Nothing to my knowledge has been mentioned about what this DLC will contain.



Crabs: It does not sound like they are working on crabs but after the community's reaction to the hungering deep trailer, they think its a possibility.

Fishing: Its something they are working on and talking about but not much is known about it.

That's everything I can think of. Let me know if I am missing something and I will add it.



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