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[LONG] My #SOTStory on reddit because I don’t have a Twitter or anything else like that

Sea of Thieves 4 - [LONG] My #SOTStory on reddit because I don’t have a Twitter or anything else like that

For anyone who’s reading this and is confused, the last developer update video of the year asked the fan base of Sea of Thieves to submit their wholesome stories about the game under the hashtag #SOTStory on Twitter, but I don’t have one and I want to talk about my journey with the game anyways.

2018 has been a very strange and sometimes very difficult year for me. I graduated high school in the spring of this year and I’m taking a year off of school because last year I had a rough battle with mental illness (which I am currently winning so eat my nuts anxiety) and I decided that I couldn’t commit to any big changes until I got myself in the right headspace. But this of course meant that all of my friends were going to school and I was staying behind and would not be surrounded by people my age, which was pretty scary.

My best friend and I began trying to put together a list of games that we could play while he was at college, he playing on an Xbox and myself on PC. We couldn’t find anything that had lasting playability, a high stakes adventure, down time, fun methods of travel, or anything else we thought made games fun. Until we found Sea of Thieves of course. More accurately, we found the “CAPTAIN LOOOOOK!” Video on YouTube, which is the single greatest piece of marketing for a video game ever.

And Sea of Thieves was exactly what we needed. A beautiful game that had downtime so he and I could catch up and talk about our lives, which could quickly switch into engaging adventures that gave us stories to tell our other friends. It was perfect for what I wanted, and then it became more than that.

When the Cursed Sails campaign released, my friend and started meeting other people for the first time. We came into contact with a shockingly diverse group of players during our time experimenting with the alliance system. One time, when taking on one of the skeleton galleons my friend and I were betrayed and sunk by another brig filled with pirate legends, when as our ship was sinking a galleon of all old southerners came and picked us up out of the water. They’re a family of players who also use the game to connect with eachother like we do. We sunk again lol, but we did get the brig that sunk us too so it was tight.

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It was around this time that my year, which was supposed to be a reprieve from mental stress, became a lot more stressful. My older brother moved out, my dad lost his job which meant I had to get a full time job, my little brother is in middle school and middle school is the worst time to be alive so that’s a thing to deal with in and of itself, and my dad and mom split up, with my dad moving out of the house and now we can’t afford the one we’re in anymore.

I stayed home so that I could get better within an environment I was used to, but now everything has changed and not all for the better. But sea of thieves was a constant, a real, genuine constant. Whenever I needed to escape, Sea of Thieves was there. And as I played and met more people, I didn’t even need to wait for my friend in college to get on because I had a community of people that I could always play with. I’ll never forget the day I realized my dad and mom were splitting up and I tried slooping a skull fort where a Pirate legend came up and befriended me. He helped me clear ge fort and let me keep all of the loot, and then afterwards we blew up his ship and watched it go down while drinking some grog and I cried for like an hour.

Inspired by that, I bought the game for my brothers too. And now whenever we all need an escape from the family issues, we jump in the game together. And that lead of to getting more games together and my brothers and I are closer then we’ve ever been, and it all started with sea of thieves.

This is all kind of silly, I know that, it’s not like this game has fixed everything for me or anything like that. It is just a game. It’s a harmless, pure, wonderful game that I’ll never ever forget for what it’s done for me.

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TL;DR: I like sea of thieves.

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