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Looking for opinions on an experience I just had.

tvAX34cZGc9ggn8AfTcyRH 1024x558 - Looking for opinions on an experience I just had.

Just hopped onto the sea after a very long workday. My fiancé and I were stoked to finally get some fun out of our otherwise bad day. We loaded up for some merchants, and off we went.

After collecting some chickens and a snake, we head to Dagger Tooth. There’s a pirate legend galleon docked there, along with another sloop. “No big deal,” I thought. It’s just a couple chickens and a snake.

Long story short, we ended up getting all our animals blunderbussed, our ship stolen, all while being spawn insta-blasted with a shotgun. When I mic’d up and asked if they had mics, they replied “yep!” I asked why they slaughtered my chickens.

“You miss your tiny co*ks, f*ggot?” was the response I got. Whatever, we’ll just leave the game and find a new server.


So, we do just that. Rinse and repeat for merchants, except before we can leave the island, another galleon rolls up on us. My fiancé and I are nearby in the water, searching for mermaids.

“They have pigs!” one shouts. “F*cking shoot them,” replies another.

And they do. One by one I watch my pigs die. Another half hour of work, lost. All while slinging homophobic slurs, and calling my fiancé sexist names.

We respawned after being sniped to find our brand new ship docked at an unknown island. After 2 hours with nothing to show for it, my fiancé says she’d rather just get off the game.

Just looking for some insight from the rest of you. What are your thoughts?

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