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Hey there guys, so this might be a somewhat long post but I wanted to explain some stuff. First I'll start with the obvious, I am looking for people to play with. I absolutely love this game, I got it on day one and played it with my friends. However my friends haven't played it since then, and therefore I haven't either.

I've been dying to play it for so long but had no one to play it with. I haven't even gotten to do the megalodon quest and that's the thing I've been excited for! I love megs and I always hoped SoT would have one, so when it was announced and released I wanted to play it but I had no one to sail with.

So anyway, I am looking for a group of people that like to have fun but also get things done in the process.


It would be fair to call me a noob since I haven't played in so long. I hope that's ok.

And another thing is I'm not able to play all the time. I've got some medical stuff and it makes it hard to play for long durations, or on some days at all. But I am just looking for some buddies to sail with when I can. I want to earn gold to customize myself and ship, and kill megalodons and have some good adventures.

So if you actually made it through this long rambling post and would be up for it that's awesome. Just reply here or message me. Thanks again, and sorry for the rambling post. I realize it seems sloppy but I'm just excited to finally get back into this game.

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