Sea of Thieves

Love everything in this game so far except PVP.

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Love everything in this game so far except PVP.

I love sailing, bouncing over the waves and navigating around storms or getting caught in them and trying to keep control. I love getting drunk on my ship with my brother and playing music. I love exploring the islands and fighting the skeletons and digging for treasure, I even like collecting chickens. However, I hate that I need to watch my back and keep an eye out for players who want to fight me and/or steal my treasure, as it distracts from my complete enjoyment of the game.

However I also understand that this game was designed around PVP that encourages stealing from others (because pirates) so I can't complain.


I actually don't plan on attacking other players, I'll defend myself and maybe carry out revenge but I wont outright attack anyone without provocation. When a friend asked me why, considering I'm role playing a pirate in a game called Sea of Thieves I jokingly told him that I was not a pirate but a privateer! lol. The sea calls to me to be my own man, independent from all nations and I call the Sea of Thieves my home because its lawless state grants me that freedom. But I conduct my business honorably!

Anyway love the game overall. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Edit: For clarity. I originally didn't want to play because I saw it was online only as I'm not interested in PVP multiplayer. But I saw some game play videos and thought the idea of sailing around with a friend or two and digging for treasure looked fun, and I recently signed up for the free trial of game pass so I figured I try the game out.

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