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Love lunge jump, needs to make sense though:

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I think the jump lunge has become iconic with the game and it's a lot of fun…but that doesn't really excuse how wonky it looks. As it stands, if you took away the lunge capability of the sword it'd still be useful in combat…which means it's VERY strong right now. It's not impossible to kill someone using the feature…but it's definitely the case that the sword has the most pro's without the same amount of con's the other weapons provide.You can be viable just dashing, guarding, and slashing…without also being able to jump the ocean between two ships in a pinch or possibly jumping off a tower and lunging up out of the water onto the enemy deck.

I think it may be best if the developers prioritize refurbishing the feature into a weapon or system that makes sense with it visually and allows them to balance it. I know two possibilities that would make it work in the game while making visual sense. One is an enchantment system for weapons and the other is a new weapon by itself.

  1. Magic enchantment system…would also require other types of enchantments but more malleable way to customize weapons. Have a water/wind enchantment that allows you to Lunge Jump with the sword. Done. This allows the devs to balance how OP the lunge is without hurting the fun. Drop damage when using the enchantment and you can choose mobility or damage instead of getting both.
  2. Magical Trident…less "systems" and more specific to an item. It allows the physics to push you when you lunge and jump. This weapon is more about mobility and precise mid-range attacks (stabbing). The damage and mobility while in combat can be balanced around it's ability to dash. An animation while lunging that works with long distance hurdles (instead of the weird stance you are in when you lunge now) would also be useful.
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In any case, the Lunge Jump needs to be balanced into the game as well as integrated into the identity of the game that makes visual sense. Until then it's gunna stay wonky and not intuitive to new players. As the devs add more weapons into the game this problem is going to become more and more glaring as the sword just outstrips every other weapon because it can literally remove entire environmental obstacles with a move that also is deadly in combat.

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