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Making a friend by not making friends

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Tonight I decided to hop on a galleon and find a cool crew to sail with, I joined a random crew and everything looked great because they were already sailing and had missions posted. They invited me to their party. I join in, and once I started to talk one of the members in the crew says "oh it's a chick". I instantaneously get kicked out of the party, and thrown in the brig. Usually, I would just quit and find a new server, but I could tell this crew was sailing for awhile. They had a good amount of loot, and a good amount of voyages and message in the bottles to do, so I decided to stay. I was getting really nasty messages from the crew telling me to leave, saying they all have girlfriends, and don't play with chicks, and how it's unfair that I'm doing nothing and planning to get a share of the gold. I didn't respond back to the messages, and just sat in the brig. Three hours go by and this crew finally sails to an outpost, and starts selling. I easily made around 18k worth of gold. As they continue to sell, I see a enemy run on to the bottom of our ship with a gunpowder barrel. I wave, I sent him a friend request, he invites me to a party. And I tell him what happened as he sinks their ship (and I drown). The rest of his galleon crew eventually joined in and killed my other crew mates and they were unable to sell the rest of their loot. I feel like they kind of deserved it, I know that's harsh but they could have easily asked me to leave the game early on instead of shaming me for being a girl who plays the game. But I'm happy that I was invited to my new friends galleon and they actually let me play with them (and I finally got to level 40 in all my levels!)


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