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Mechanically speaking, as Galleon crews become more competent, the Sloop gets left behind.

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - Mechanically speaking, as Galleon crews become more competent, the Sloop gets left behind.

Posting here because the forums turned in to a huge epeen war of "i sink 2 million galleons all the time" when I was trying to explain my issue is not PvP at all. I have no problem sinking 90% of the ships I come up against, this is a look in to the mechanics and balance of the two ships

This is not a complaint about being sunk, and before responding with "git gud" without reading, this is coming from someone who plays on the Galleon a lot with a 4 man, but can see the issue at hand regardless.

The sloop has very little going for it. At the moment, against a Galleon crew who aren't well co-ordinated, it's faster for sure, easy to out maneuver them as they won't always be turning sails for instance. That's fine for now, but as Galleon crews grow ever more competent, the sloop is being left in the dirt.

The three wind speeds are: No wind, Mid wind (where you just about catch the wind at the side) and Full wind (obviously where you can fully catch wind).

The sloop is faster in ONE of these, and one of these only. No wind. This leaves the issue of having to always be sailing directly against the wind to be faster than the Galleon. This raises 2 large issues.

For one, the Galleon can always just turn a little, and catch mid wind. You really don't have to turn much. Two is that a lot of the time, directly against wind will sometimes put you off the map.

Now that's just speed issues, and some of you will say "Oh just learn to out maneuver them amongst rocks and other scenery". That's all well and good, I've seen sloops do it to us, and I in a duo sloop have done it to other Galleons. However it's not a solution when we're talking about competent Galleon crews. It is so so easy to catch up to people after the pull around a rock or dip inside thin paths.

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You might say "Board them and pull their anchor". This is the third issue. No one can ever board us, nor us board them (when I'm in a duo) with a competent 4 man. The Galleon only has TWO ladders. That is 1 person watching ladders, 2 if you want extra security, another on wheel, another watching the bowsprit for underwater names. It is so incredibly easy to stop all attempts of boarding on a Galleon.

This is all not about going in to a 1/2v4 situation, I agree that as a sloop, you should not be looking to take on a Galleon, but instead about how this leads to endless chasing, with the only solution for the sloop is to either let them sink you or leave. It happened to me the other night. I got everything sold, because we just kept driving passed outposts, so that's not my issue, I didn't lose anything.

They were able to just keep following us for about 2 hours, any attempts made to out maneuver were nice, but met with them catching up very swiftly, as the sloop is just too slow in anything except against wind, which even then it doesn't excel at.

Again, try to read this with an open mind, this is not a complaint because I sunk to someone and lost pvp and want changes made, it's simply a perspective looking at how useless the sloop is becoming.

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