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Meg should drop shark teeth on death that can be sold and Krakken should guard loot.

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Every time my crew has encountered a Megalodon we have simply just ignored it or sailed to an island to make it go away. The risk verse reward for actually engaging and killing the Megalodon is simply not there. Same goes for the Krakken.

Why would we want to stay and waste time to kill either monster when a skull fort is up ? I understand the community has been asking for rewards for killing the Megalodon and Krakken for some time now but I not seen many ideas on what such rewards should look like.

So here are some Ideas I have to share:

It doesn't make sense for a Megalodon to drop a chest of gold when it dies so I wouldn't expect Rare to implement something like that. However It does make sense for the Megalodon to loose a few teeth when biting ships. Which is why the beast has multiple rows of teeth to begin with because it often loses teeth and it has to constantly grow new ones.

If the Megalodon would loose a few teeth that float in the water as it fights a ship then it would give players incentive to collect these "valuable" teeth from the Megalodon. These could then be sold for either gold or special rewards.


However in the case of the Krakken the water is always black which would make collecting monster parts from the Krakken very difficult. So maybe in the case of the Krakken a sunken ship appears with a ton of valuable loot that would be worth fighting the full encounter of the Krakken. Perhaps around 15k gold or so. The only way to get to the ship and make the ink disappear would be to defeat the Krakken. Perhaps the longer the Krakken is alive on the server the more loot accumulates on this "ship" thus giving players an incentive to hunt the Krakken and stay on their server rather than being exclusively hunted by the Krakken.

I'm sure my ideas have implementation details that would need to be worked out but these are the type of solutions I would like to see from Rare going forward to give the player base an incentive to engage these monsters

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