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[MEGATHREAD] The Forsaken Shores (With FAQs!)

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The Forsaken Shores Megathread

Hey pirates! There’s been a huge increase in common questions, discussions and moaning about Forsaken Shores. The Megathread should help reduce this a bit.

Please browse this thread, do a search and check the new tab before posting!

Please keep low-effort content to a minimum, as per the Subreddit Rules.

Patch Notes are available here

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  4. Open Crew

Cargo Runs

Welcome to Week 3 of Forsaken Shores. The merchant trader has now appeared at Morrow’s Peak and Cargo Runs are available in all 4 seas from any merchant trader. These can also be found in Athena Voyages and as bottle/parchment voyages.

  • Crates of Rum
    • These are delicate, jumping/hitting will damage these. Explosions/cannonballs/smashing to the ship will damage these also.
  • Plants
    • Need to be kept watered. If you put water in your shop, it needs to fully submerge the crate. Or you can periodically throw water on them with buckets/jump into water while holding.
  • Cloth
    • Must be kept dry, do not swim, splash and keep out of a storm.
    • Vomit also ruins… thanks u/cptsafari

Cargo Tips

  • Use rowboats where possible
  • Keep them in the best condition to get maximum gold and rep
  • Put cloths on the table or shelves, avoid holes in the hull and storms
  • Fill up your hull to cover the plants if in a Galleon, splash if in a brig or sloop (unless you’re feeling brave)
  • Rum crates, jump into deep water and move slightly slower when on the ship


  • Where do I get rowboats?
    • These spawn randomly on beaches at islands
  • Can I attach the rowboat to my ship?
    • Yes! Go to the back of the ship, look up and press the corresponding button/key to attach
  • Where do I go to start the quest?
    • Liar’s Backbone, you can’t miss him
  • Where is ?
    • Rare Thief have a detailed guide here
  • Is it time limited?
    • No, it’s not! As Joe mentioned previously, all commendations and Doubloons since the use of cursed cannonballs Bilge Rats will not be limited by time.
  • What about the cosmetics?
    • Duke’s Bilge Rat cosmetics are time limited during the campaign. The Seacrawler, Kraken and items from the Devil’s Roar outpost are not time limited.
  • What is the box of secrets?
    • It’s a rare box, found randomly on Islands in the Devil’s Roar. You can sell them to Grace on Morrow’s Peak Outpost or Stitcher Jim on Liar’s Backbone.
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  • Support is available at the official Sea of Thieves website here
  • Or contact them via the Support Twitter here

More FAQs and details will be added as soon as I see them! I’ll try to keep it updated.

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