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Merchant Alliance needs to be completely over-hauled

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So I finally just got to MA level 50 and I figured I would give everyone my thoughts toward this trading company. While I know similar posts have been made in the past, I have not seen one in a while so I wanted to reiterate my own version of those ideas to help encourage change.

MA has three major flaws in its design (other than being really boring).

  1. Merchants are traders, not fetchers. Merchants specialized in being the "middle man" so to speak between buyers and sellers of goods that could not otherwise barter among one another. Currently we are supposed to "find" the goods and then sell them to any Willy-nilly trading company for profit. WE should be the trading company, not the other way around.

  2. Merchants traded in a huge variety of goods. Right now the core of MA is a glorified version of an animal herder that sometimes finds random crates of goods lying around.

  3. Pirates were supposed to attack and sink merchants for their goods. In fact, merchants were their primary target. As it is right now, other players get little to no reward for attacking another ship doing MA. Most of the time, I could just tell the ship chasing me that I'm a chicken merchant and they would turn away. Pirates have very little incentive to loot my 50g chicken.


My solution would be to completely overhaul the system to revolve completely around trade. Players could buy and sell crates of fine sugar, rare tea, etc at any outpost. The goal would be to buy goods for the cheapest price while selling them for highest price. Much like real markets, prices among goods would fluctuate between outposts and change every day.

Coops and cages would also be bought so you could still capture animals and sell them (they would have the highest profit).

Quests would be more like trying to gather information on who is selling a good cheap or who is willing to pay the most for something. Messages in a bottle could be requests for special deliveries that have huge payouts.

Players would be limited to how much of a good they could buy at an outpost to prevent farming. The higher your MA level, the more you can buy at a time.

TL;DR: MA should be changed to a trading system.

Edit: If you guys ever played tradewind, it would be more like that

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