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Merchant Cheese Run How-To

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Summary: This is how you can turn in tons of chickens, snakes, powder kegs, at any Outpost making between 50k to 100k in about 4 hours or more. This includes voting on merchant voyages and delivering the livestock at the SAME outpost you are currently at.

Prep Work: This is easy and should only take 30mins. Vote and cancel merchant voyages to collect tons of chicken crates and snake baskets. Everyone should be placing their voyage. The Merchant will allow you to buy new voyages at 6am (in-game time). So leaving game and logging back in isn't needed all of the time.

Collecting: Once you are all set, start the shortest voyages from the lowest member in the crew. Try to run voyages without pigs. Just run voyage like you normally would and cancel Dagger Point voyages. IMPORTANT: You want to complete a voyage from EVERY OP except for One. That ONE OP will be on a constant merchant cancellation. You also NEVER want to collect any message in a bottle, otherwise you have to redo ALL of the OPs again.

When you are near a fort, collect all of the powder kegs, they are worth 800~1000 gold when they appear in voyages.


Crooked Masts chicken respawn: This is easy to do. Crooked Masts is small enough to farm Chickens and Snakes. For this to work, once you collect Golden and Black chickens and snakes, EVERYONE must go to the Ship of the Damned. Once everyone is there, you may return forcing the island to reset the livestock.

Cashing in: Dagger Tooth is the best to cash in at since Crooked Masts is near by. Once all voyage has been completed at the other outposts, Dagger Tooth will ALWAYS be the destination for your voyages 100% of the time. This is the cheese of the run. You'll finish off at Dagger Tooth, voting for voyages and NOT completing them by only turning in the chickens, snakes, and powder kegs from the list for tons of gold and reputation.

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Players will have to log out and back in forcing the merchant to offer them more voyages, since there will be times when everyone votes and nothing is available to cash in. Remeber, Merchant voyages reset at 6am IN-GAME time.

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