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Minigames (smaller activities)

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Just to start this off, I'd like to mention that this is and will be a open conversation starter about Minigames that would improve the quality of life in the game.

(skippable segment) I, myself, have been a Pirate Legend for a few months now, I have played this game a lot and over this time I've had many different complaints and ideas about the game – minigames being one of them. Besides all the bugs and errors that the Devs have made I'm really grateful, because they really seem to care what (the majority) of their players want. It's obvious that they want this game to be a success and are working to make this happen – I really hope they succeed.

By "Minigames" I mean permanent smaller details of the game that the players COULD do, giving them more possibilities/things to do while sailing the seas and so on. While I have enjoyed the temporary updates and can't wait for the Forsaken Shores, I think the game would need permanent activities, like:


Fishing – players could buy/get their <
option to toggle
something like a "duel mode", where both of the players would have to toggle in order to trigger it and could be toggled off at any time. This could be a fun chance for crews to have fun, bet and practice combat.

I tried to make it as short as possible, just to bring some ideas to the light and not make them overcomplicated – I could push out smaller details, but I don't think everyone agrees or has to agree with my specific ideas. I also don't think that Minigames should become a priority, when it comes to updating the game. Again, this is a open conversation and while I'd love to see those "minigames" being implemented, I'd also like to know what other players think of them and if there are other smaller games/activities that could be added.

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Thank you for hearing me out!

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