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You were a member of a full Galleon crew. I was slooping with my wife. We saw a skull fort with no players and thought, "What the hell?" 7 waves in, your crew rolled up. We hit you with 5 kegs but your patch man was on point, and your crew did a great job of guarding the ladders. When we ran out of kegs and rammed, we both abandoned ship, hoping one of us might make it aboard your vessel. I succeeded and managed to kill you and another from your crew before someone got me. We knew our ship was sunk, and my wife isn't confident in her PVP abilities yet, so we agreed from across the couch to let you have the fort and go on about our Order of Souls grind.

That's is, until you started talking shit from aboard the Ferry of the Damned in game chat. It was you, and you alone that ruined it for your entire crew. I convinced my wife to make one last run at you before exiting the game to cook supper together. I boarded and killed your lookout. I guess you assumed I left afterward (which is very poor pirating), but I was asleep in your crows nest. I waited while you loaded all the treasure onto your ship and my wife sailed back to a nearby island.


You had 2 barrels of powder. I dropped them from the nest as your crew mate climbed the ladder towards me with a keg on his back. I won't lie: it was sheer luck that I was able to one shot him without blowing up the powder barrel he was carrying. I threw myself from the crows nest and made the ultimate sacrifice of blunderbussing the first keg I saw, causing a chain reaction of explosions. Your crew was wiped and your ship sunk. I danced for you on the Ferry of the Damned, but there was no more trash talk.

You cost your crew the fort loot. If you had sunk our ship and went about your day with dignity and class, we wouldn't even have come back. Thanks for making our evening great. I hope I see you on the sea again sometime.

Be more pirate, be more mature, and never mess with the infamous pirate ship, Another Man's Gal.

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