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MODS – If you wont, can someone else?

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - MODS - If you wont, can someone else?

Hello All!

Let me just start by saying this is not an attack on the mods and I am sure they all do a great job in their unpaid time.

That out of the way I have a burning question which I feel a lot of other Redditors will likely agree with. As we continue to see frequent reposting of the same questions related to information already released about the game and what is going on, while you can never stop the ignorant among us from simply ignoring the top posts and carrying on do you not agree that maybe stickying key informational points might go a long way to keeping this sub's posts relevant and fresh?

A good example is today's notification that the maintenance window was longer and delayed. A mod could have stickied that within seconds for all to see as they came to the sub but didnt and now we see the questions coming in as to when its over and whats going on. (This should stop now the window is over)

A classic example is every time the patch notes are released to be soon followed by questions relating to everything listed in the notes. Again this could easily have been stickied by a mod but nobody bothered.


As per the title however if this is simply a case of mods who just dont want to sticky anything (I am not sure I have actually ever seen something go up on this sub?) then could we look at getting some mods who are actually willing to look into it. Any other Sub I visit for games will at the very least have the latest patch notes stickied to the top as they come out and this goes a long way to keeping people up to date without the need to post repeated questions.

I have done this as a post rather than a private message to a Mod simply to gauge the community thoughts on this as well as I am very much of the opinion that a lot of people would be in favour of relevant stickied threads, but I can't know for sure 🙂

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tl;dr I would like important info to start being stickied and if the current mod team will not I would like a new mod who will.

Happy Sailing everyone.

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