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Monsterous Suggestions

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Listing a number of ideas here for new monsters to fight during your adventures…

  • Plesiosaurs – the appearance of a giant plesiosaur (think Loch Ness monster) heralds the appearance of Lizards in the game for the first time, opening the door to:

  • Crocodiles – Effectively, sharks that can follow you out of the water. Not only do they bite, they can roll you down under the water and drown you. These can only be found on the forsaken shores, where the water is too hot for Sharks to survive…

  • Giants – Massive hulking skeletons of some kind of troll or ape-like creature. They attack with a large bone club that can take half your health with one hit and send you flying.

  • Skeleton Meg/Skeleton Kraken – Captain Flameheart has found a way to make the remains of fallen sea beasts rise up from the sea bed for more destruction. Effectively the same battles as before, but they have more hit points, greater aggression, and different visuals: Imagine being attacked by the skeletal remains you see on Kraken’s Fall and elsewhere…

  • Monkeys – curious little creatures that may board your ship (if you stop too close to an island and leave your ship for too long) and steal your bananas, sugar, silks, or gold. They could also turn your wheel, drop your anchor (but not raise it) and randomly angle/raise/lower the sails. (They would be cute, if they weren’t so annoying…)

What do you guys think? Do you have ideas for other creatures you’d like to see added?

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