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More land based content?

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Does anyone else think it's a shame that Rare has dotted the seas with a ton of really beautiful islands but the only thing we can really do with them is treasure hunts? Seems a shame to me. I know this is a pirate game and there is a large focus on naval combat, but I'd just like to see more island interaction if possible.

Some ideas:

1.) King of the Hill style event: I think this would actually be a really cool secondary purpose for skeleton fortresses. Have a random event where one skeleton fortress becomes a target where crews have to fight over it, maybe have it so every minute or so a crew has to activate something, and once the puzzle is complete that crew gets a large treasure haul but they have to defend the fort the entire time

2.) Colonies: I know this one is a stretch, but just a neat future dream would be able to make crew bases or something of the like on an island.


3.) Big game hunt events: Would be really cool to have an event where a rare boss creature spawns on one of the big islands and you have to track it down and hunt it. Would be like a chase/boss fight.

4.) Bigger islands having niche events: Would be cool to see the bigger islands having more character in terms of timed events, instead of just skelly forts. For example, one island could have a big treasure vault puzzle event, one island could have like a skeleton survival event, one could have like an indiana jones styled dungeon platformer obstacle course etc. Just give us more reasons to visit the islands.

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