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Multiple Scars

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This post is concerning the next set of scars in Cursed Sails and how scars will work going forward. For some context, right now we have the Hungering Deep scar currently in game for everyone who defeated the Meg during that event. Because of this I assume the skeleton scars will be exclusive to the event which will make them more unqiue and important.

What is really being asked here is, since scars are such unqiue and important part of the big expansions, will we be able to equip mutiple or will we be forced to choose a single one. Because I would prefer to over time strike fear in my foes with mutiple scars that show my time spent with the game rather than probably choose the best one.

Even if some overlapped it would still look awesome and show off different accomplishments, which would provide more character customization and options.


I feel like many would enjoy this feature and it would give further storytelling and background to different players and their pirates.

Edit: Firstly, thanks for the support as it shows this is an important feature for the community and lets it get easily seen by the devs. Secondly I do share your fear of the dreaded single selection and hope if this is seen it is at least considered by Rare. Lastly, the great tattoo ideas on this post are definitely worth looking at as they should have been definitely in game before because the way tattoos work is confusing and tedious.

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