Sea of Thieves

My Best Story From The Seas Yet.

Sea of Thieves 5 - My Best Story From The Seas Yet.

My friend will be referred to as "P" because I respect his privacy. Anyways P and I spawned in at good old Golden Sands P had just learned about the guilded voyages and was speculating about which one to buy while I stocked the ship, he eventually settled on a gold hoarders voyage. P insisted we do it right away and after a little bit of nervousness I obliged and voted it through. The maps were scattered to all four corners, not including the devil's roar, we set off north to Sailors Bounty and Sandy Shallows, making a stop along the way for a mermaid gem.

After collecting all eleven chests from both islands we docked at Sanctuary outpost to sell before heading west into the wilds. and that's where the trouble began upon finding all the chests as we began to sell at galleons grave a Brigantine came at us from the west I was able to raise anchor and run leaving P behind. P tried to be friendly but was met with cannon fire and by that point, our sloop had made it far away from the Brig and they didn't bother pursuing us.

Our next destination was Ancient Spires for we still had many chests on board as we drew near P noticed a galleon lurking behind the outpost and I diverted course heading for Plunder instead. The Galleon gave chase and after a small exchange of cannon fire, we turned against the wind and ran north. we were near galleons grave again and the Brig had left P suggested dropping the rowboat as the Galleon was too far back to notice I agreed loaded it up and sent him on his way. Meanwhile, I turned sharply in the opposite direction hoping to distract the galleon. as planned they took the bait and followed me deep into the Devil's Roar.

With them being faster they inevitably caught up and decided to ram and board me shouting for me to drop anchor their ram however backfired as I easily snuck a keg aboard and blew them to pieces. The survivors of the blast met my cold steel blade as I returned to my ship to raised anchor. they promptly gave up the chase as P returned to the ship via mermaid. With them dealt with we returned to our quest digging up eleven more chests this time around I decided to take a risk and go right for the rest of the chests instead of selling what we had. On our way, the Shadowmaw decided to pay us a visit and we stopped to defeat him.

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Upon bringing the Shadowmaw's loot aboard the previous brig had returned this time they chased us across the Ancient Isles. we steadily built a gap between us and them before P and I jumped ship to sell the Shadowmaw's stronghold worthy loot at Ancient Spires. However, the brig cannoned two of its members to the outpost as a greeting party. Upon P and I stepping ashore one of the brigs members met us dodging and weaving P and I managed to sell both the chest and skull. as we raced to the mermaid a bloody sword battle ensued between me and our friend from the brig I came out on top with a sliver of health left. Just before I reached the dock a pirate legend in full Athena's outfit stepped around the corner blocking my way I know when to choose my battles an accepted defeat without a fight.

After this encounter, the Brig pulled away assuming that we sold all we had we fled to Morrows Peak to sell the rest of the chests. we returned to the bottom left of the map for the final two islands, after digging up all three at Old Salts Atoll we made way to discovery ridge just then Karen attacked bringing the meg with her. after a hard battle we cleared up Karen grabbed her loot and ran as a skele boat had decided to join the fun. 10 cannonballs and 15 planks left we fought tooth and nail before abandoning ship with our rowboat and loot we let our ship sail off as the skeles chased it. after a while, we thought our ship had sunk and P sent me to retrieve it I swam to the mermaid and waited through the long loading screen yet to my surprise we were still afloat I decided to try and park at discovery ridge and avoid the skele ship. but that didn't go as planned the skeles chased and I abandoned ship yet again but this time as the skeles passed the island I noticed how low they were in the water and decided to put our last gunpowder barrel to good use. returning to our ship I dropped anchor and waited for the skeleton ship keg in hand the skeles rammed and I swam below them letting the keg float up into their hull they instantly sunk and I pulled the rewards from the water. I then returned our ship to the island where we dug up the rest of the chests sold them and then drank till sunset. love this game so much for things like this great night.

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