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My boyfriend and I received the highest of compliments today while out at sea (story)

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My boyfriend and I were in a sloop and were heading to a skull fort when we saw a galleon attempting it before us. With no luck for them, a second galleon approached as well, beginning a sea battle with them. While the galleons had a sea battle, I circled the fort while my boyfriend killed skeletons and fought the few players at the fort as well. One of the galleons sank the opposing galleon and began coming for our sloop. Some of the players went to the fort while the others tried coming for me. My boyfriend, still on the island, fired a few cannon shots and then boarded them, hitting the anchor on his way to the bottom decks. I quickly whipped around the anchored myself perpendicular to theirs and began blowing holes in them while my boyfriend fought them from inside. Due to my boyfriend being really good at combat, he easily took the whole crew and wiped them out. AND THEN! The highest of compliments: “We know you’re a PC hacker. Why don’t you turn off your hacks and fight like a man.”

People get so salty when your skills outmatch them.


After that, we beat the fort and took the key and ran because the same galleon began approaching. We were able to take off and get away while they stopped at the fort, probably thinking we had opened the door (but we didn’t). We hid the key, changed the ship cosmetics, then headed back to the fort to see if they were there or hiding. There was no galleon in sight. We began searching the island. Sure enough, we found a sleeping galleon crew hiding out. My boyfriend was on his way to take a gunpowder barrel to the galleon in an attempt to sink it, but noticed a player coming around the rocks. He dropped the barrel and stepped back. The player must not have seen the barrel because my boyfriend then hit the barrel with the Aye of Reach, blowing him up. Poor unexpecting fellow. A player took off in our sloop. My boyfriend and I simultaneously took a mermaid back to our sloop and slaughtered the one player on our sloop. The galleon emerged and began chasing us. Out of nowhere, the next best thing happened. The Kraken emerged and took hold of the galleon. Our sloop was close enough to the edge and we made it out safely. My boyfriend cannon’ed himself to the galleon while I anchored and aimed at the galleon from a far. They were quite a distance, but I was able to land a few of them. On the galleon, my boyfriend began taking them down one by one again. Since they continued to comment that we were “hackers” (now because we “spawned the Kraken”), my boyfriend kept saying “oh yeah, I’m a PC hacker, I’m gonna wipe your galleon crew because I’m a PC hacker” They apparently “heard us” talking about infinite bananas over chat. 1. My boyfriend was the only one using a mic. I was not because I was sitting next to him on the couch (we have a nice two-screen set up side by side). He’s muted until he needs to use it. 2. We both play on Xbox. Seriously, we were not hacking. Anyway, between my boyfriend being on board, me shooting cannons, and the kraken wrapping around their ship, they sunk. We began doing voyages and noticed they got their galleon again and camped out at the fort. We continued to do voyages for a few hours. They continued to sit there. We conveniently had a a voyage on the island we stashed the key. When we arrived, we checked to see if the key was still there. In the end, the key despawned due to the server, but at least they didn’t get the loot. (Confirmed by the presence of loot at the fort, still locked up)

TLDR; Some salty galleon players called us hackers because we fought better and more strategically and beat a skull fort. And then the Kraken showed up as they were chasing us. It was beautiful. They sat at the fort for hours waiting for us to come back to get our loot. The key despawned and no one got it. Still made tons of gold from voyages and got an awesome story. ?

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