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My emotional moment with Thatch. (Possible spoilers from Assassins Creed 4???)

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So I’m a relatively new player, in that I got it recently but I’ve been bingeing for as long as I can since I got it because I love it. There’s so much fun, adventure, satisfaction, and high stakes, tense moments.

One of these moments was when I was solo slooping ten minutes ago, and I had done a longer continuous grind then I’ve ever done. I was level 16 with the order of souls before dropping off my haul of like 15 Disgraced/Hateful skulls. I’ve never had more then like 4 skulls with me at a time so I was unbelievably tense going back to an outpost to sell them.

When what I thought would be my worst nightmare occurred, a very decorated sloop started sailing along side of me. It was coming at me dead on and I thought they were going to ram my broadside, but they shifted around to where we sailing side by side. With shaking hands I steadied the ship and went to load the cannons and prepare to fight.

For what felt like an eternity we sailed alongside eachother. I aimed my cannon directly at theirs, which was also being manned by a much more seasoned player. However he did not fire. And I am firstly naive, hoping this will not end in bloodshed, even though pirate encounters always do, and secondly I know that even if I fire I am not going to win this fight.


In part because there were two of them, the one on the Cannon, and another absolute UNIT of a pirate who’s beard was as thicc as he was. The captain stepped away from his position on the wheel, and walked over to my eye line.

I stared at him like he was death itself locking its goddamn eyes on the battlefield with me.

He pulls out his megaphone


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Pulls out his blunderbuss, and BOOM

The ship, as in HIS OWN SHIP, NOT MINE, ERUPTED into flames, like 15 fu*king gun powder barrels went off at the same time. My ship rollicked around as I fell off the cannon and tried to steal glances at the ship, but it had veered off, and then sank to its grave.

Rest In Peace, Blackbeard.

I love this game.

TL;DR: A very intimidating guy sailed right up to me, looked me in the eye, blasted a soundbyte from AC4 at me, and then blew his own ship to fu*king smithereens for absolutely no reason

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