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My experience with an experienced group as a fairly new player

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So I am a fairly new player to the SoT universe. I enjoy the game, I enjoy the mechanics And I enjoy the anticipation of further content in the future. I’ve done enough voyages to understand the ropes and my Pirate looks snazzy enough to warrant the dance emote on occasion to admire his funky hat and eye patch.

Yesterday rather than another solo sloop I decided to check out the Discord to see whether any groups would be willing to take me along for the ride. I can say it was bustling with Pirates all highlighting their levels and what they were setting sail for. I was excited to say the least!

After a few attempts of me posting my experience and that I would be a hard working deck hand to no avail, I jumped in a channel with 3 people, plugged in my mic and introduced myself, asking if I could tag along. They obliged after asking me whether I was a noob who drops the anchor all the time to which I replied I wouldn’t drop the anchor but i was still fairly new.

1 of them seemed nice enough, the other 2 came across quite serious. We spawned in and I instantly went to work collecting planks, bananas and cannon balls. Stocking for the journey ahead.

It began with proposing and cancelling endless voyages until we finally got an island with more than 4 chests, this continued throughout the 4 hour session ahead. At this point I started to feel some of the fun drain.

We hopped between voyages and islands collecting chests which added up to a haul much much larger than I have ever managed myself. We sold up just in time for a skull fort to appear after hitting around the 4 hour mark of sailing.


Cannons at the ready to battle the ominous galleon in the distance eerily still at the fort, it’s intimidating paint work and glistening sails in the sunset calling for the next opponent to approach. We sailed ahead.

The fight began with boarders launching to us from cannons and attempting to board the ship. I got to work patching holes and bailing water, constantly checking for the foes to appear atop the ladder to our vessel. After multiple attempts we were boarded and obliterated.

We were outfaced by the stronger opponent. I thought nothing more than this after the 2nd attempt..and the 3rd.. and the 4th.

Defeated and our crew in ruins we sailed again. The last hurrah.

The chat log was full of toxicity, voice chat filled with my crew members shouting at each other and informing the enemy they were being reported. It was a horrible place to be. We defeated ourselves that day and I felt this crew was no longer the crew for me. After a few heartfelt words of me thanking them for taking me along I decided it was time to log off and put my feet up for a bit of relaxation before work the next day. I left with the chimes of “whatever, bye then” and “well your reliable” slowly rolling away on the waves, my mind with my sloop and my low level voyages beckoning me back to the solemn enjoyment of riddles that “take too long” and are a “waste of time”.

Hello old friend…

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