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My feedback on The Bilge Rats Adventures and the recent changes

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First I apologise if my english looks crappy, I'm not an native english speaker, I'll try my best !

I play since the release and so far I loved the Bilge Rats events and I think it's a very smart way to introduce a new mechanic and time limited cosmetics. And so I did appreciate the recent announcement about the doubloons still being available after the events, but I got a talk with my friends and we spotted a few cons around that system.

So here are the problems we identified and the suggestions I offer to improve the QoL :

  • So far the bilge rats adventures required a lot of time to complete on each event and I saw people saying on this sub that it's been a long since they played "normally" and I agree. As someone who play around 10 hours a week, I mostly just try to complete the events, and most of the time I just complete all the recommandations on the last days (I just finished cursed crews). I just miss the good old days playing without pressure with my friends and do whatever we want. The new changes is gonna help but I think the better option would be the turn the Bilge Rats bi-weekly adventures into a monthly one.
  • With the bilge rats being a monthly event I think it would be a nice addition to increase the number of time limited cosmetics to provide a more complete set to players and that we won't have too many doubloons left at the end of the month.
  • Speaking of doubloons, I think there are way too many left at the end of each event, for now we only got a few BRA but in a few months/years most players will have thousands of doubloons and I'm pretty sure it will be way easier to level up as a new player with the doubloons than with regular missions and I don't think that's not the reason why BRA were invented. Thats why I think you should be able to earn the full count of doubloons during the event (1 month should be enough for active players to earn everything without hard farming) and just the half when the event is done.
  • The BRA being monthly, It would also allow Rare to implement in between updates like a new faction event or pure content updates with only the addition of complete cosmetics sets.
  • Also improving the UI for the Bilge Rats recommandations by classing them by event would be neat !
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What do you think about my ideas ? What would you add ? What do you disagree with ?

Thank you for taking the time to read !

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