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My final night of Cursed Sails

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My final night of Cursed Sails

What a fun night of playing Sea of Thieves! I thought I would just jump on for an hour and catch some chickens, but it turned out to be one of my most epic adventures yet!

I spent time catching pigs and chickens, finding voyages in bottles and sunken ships, and just seeing where the game would lead me. I ended up on plunder outpost, with my alliance flag raised to see if anyone might show up. I was getting ready to sign off when a Brigantine arrived. I had no treasure to lose, so I waited to see what they would do.

They were actually great guys, and they wanted to battle the skeleton ships. We spent time loading supplies and met up with another Brigantine, this one full of id*ots, but that’s okay.

Since I was a solo slooper, we decided to park my ship at shark bait Cove, and I would jump aboard their Brigantine. That worked really well, I made sure to keep my health up and just fire cannons and repair the ship. Using this technique, we defeated the first two waves without much difficulty.

Unfortunately, the id*ots in the other Brigantine had other ideas. They had no idea how to pilot their ship, they ran out of supplies (they had almost none to start with), and they jumped aboard our ship to take our supplies without asking. After we asked them several times to leave the ship, we ended up killing them, and then they started jumping on our ship to kill us and firing cannons at us. Finally their ship sank and they left the alliance.


After more fighting, we were getting close, but I was knocked off the ship and needed to respawn. Shortly thereafter, my friends on the Brigantine were sunk, so I need to use my sloop to keep the encounter alive, and not die while they restocked and traveled across the world.

Eventually they arrived, I parked my ship a safe distance away and jumped aboard their ship, and we continued. We made it to the final captain, and it happened again! I was knocked off, and they sunk, and I needed to keep the encounter alive. This was very stressful! Any wrong move and I would sink and we would lose it all.

During this, another sloop appeared and join our alliance, and these guys started battling the final wave on their own. Very brave! I sailed into the fight and tried to help however I could, very difficult when I needed to steer / repair / shoot / operate sails by myself. Amazingly, the sloop defeated the final ship before my friends on the Brigantine could arrive! They did appear and we were able to divide up the loot and make it back to plunder outpost.

That experience was so much fun, and I made really good friends during the whole time. Photos were taken, music played, grog vomited. I was named MVP of the match. This game is terrific. In this game, your friends are relying on you, and it takes everything you have but it’s super rewarding when you succeed.

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