Sea of Thieves

My first epic experience

Sea of Thieves 8 - My first epic experience

Myself and 3 others were in the process of clearing a skulkfort. Team consisted of 2 brand new players, 1 legend and myself in the low 30's (had the game for less than 2 weeks now). We had one person on lookout who spotted a galley on the horizon. We of course prep the ship for battle and leave one on the island to continue making progress.

Eventually the the ship starts making it's way over when we spot a sloop in the exact opposite direction. We set the boat up in a direction to hit both ships with cannons. The decided to nope it out of there once the other galley came into view. At this point the galley is full speed at us and we drop sails but still take an impact. The crew is able to quickly repair and were fine. The opposing galley starts to do an outside loop when a skelly ship emerges from the water. The opposing team starts dealing with them luring them away from the outpost with us on their tail.

This is the point we spot a brig who has managed to come in undetected and park on the far side of the fort. We decide to break contact with the galley and head towards the brig who is sails up and anchored. We figured they were the bigger threat at this point but also an easy target. Just in range of the forts cannons, they unleashed on us after aparently respawning firing 4 cannons at a times. Fortunately the skelly ship has sunk the galley and went back into the sea leaving us safe from them.

Then out of nowhere a meg spawns right on us. I'm driving and I say we just need to make it to the island and it will despawn. Of course the stars aligned and one crew mate is killed by cannon fire on deck, the other manages to fall to his death from the crows nest (the two new players) and the meg chomps our rear killing me. Well, our ship sinks having only one member on board and were headed straight to the island and also sinking from the meg bite and possibly cannon fire. Add on the eventual collision with the island and it was toast.

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He manages to escape the ship and slip on the island undetected. He watches them as we try to sail against the wind back to the island giving us updates on their movement. We manage to make it all the way there and just before we arrive they killed the captain. Knowing we had no supplies and just lost about 5k in treasure from our origional ship sinking, I decided we had one option. RAM THAT BRIG! There was no one on their crew looking out and luckily for us it worked.

As soon as we hit the brig our member on the island jumped out and killed 2 of them while the 3rd attempted to board our ship only to be met with a blunderbuss to the face by yours truly. We repelled their further attempts to board without a single death on our side and after a few minutes of searching we recovered not only the key but our origional lost loot.

We quickly gathered everything and high tailed it out of there to sell everything off without incident. This was by far the biggest rollercoaster of an experience I've ever had playing this game so far and it was so much fun. I'm still amazed we managed to come out on top and pocket 30k or so gold.

TLDR: Us, a 4 man galley VS. everything but a kraken and the kitchen sink fighting for a skulkfort. We initially fall only to turn around and come out on top victorious and 30k richer!

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