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My first experience with the discord (Long story)

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I usually play SoT after work and decided to skip the usual solo sloop (the crew I started with at launch left one by one) and give the discord a shot.

5 minutes in, find 3 guys looking for a 4th member. We join a game, skull fort is active. We take most of the supplies, raise the anchor, set the course and lower the sails.

As we approach the fort we see a sloop already at the fort. We prepare the cannons, a crew mate and I board them, we take them out, our mates keep making holes into their hull. The sloop goes down fast and we take their place at the fort. Everything is going amazing so far. We are finishing each wave quite fast. Halfway through we notice a galleon coming towards us. Ready for another “explosive” encounter, we ready the planks, 3 of us on the cannons and here we go. Cannonballs flying everywhere, water is coming in fast but we manage to keep up with them. We are almost boarded, but we hear the splashing water. We are not holding back. After a few more cannonballs and 2 well placed gunpowder barrels they pay the ferryman a visit.

For a team of randoms, we seemed quite well coordinated and in sync.

We manage to finish the fort with no other ship showing up. We start carrying everything to the galleon but when we are at the last pieces of loot, we see the other galleon returning.

We quickly get on the ship and try to make our way out of there.

And so does the chase start! We are close to the Galleon’s Grave outpost, but we notice another ship anchored there, so we decide to skip this one. We decide to go for the Plunder Outpost to avoid the storm coming from the south. A well calculated sword lounge and I’m on their ship. Anchor down! I manage to kill 2 of our chasers, but they get best me.

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While waiting on the Ferry I hear a crew mate: No! No! Nooo!

The Kraken decides to pay us a visit in the worst possible moment. The other galleon is approaching fast and from the storm, we see another sloop coming for us. We are now fending of the Kraken while trying not to sink from the holes in our hull. We somehow escape the ink, sink the sloop, but the other galleon is still standing strong as we are very low on supplies. We see the outpost right in front of us, but they are right behind us.

In a last desperate attempt, I do another sword lounge and I board them once more. Anchor almost down again! I fight all 4 of them. Blunderbussed one of them and I’m left with my trustworthy cutlass. One down! Two down! Third one drops the anchor trying to kill me and they stop, I kill him as well and go into their Crow’s Nest. They raise the anchor and I jump down, drop the anchor again and I can hear them screaming and calling me names and a hacker. I finally die and I see my coins going up. I finished my task.

We sell everything that was on board and we defeat the other crew one last time as they are raging.

We add each other as friends and we log out after a memorable adventure. End of story.

TLDR: joined discord, got a crew, skull fort, sloop and galleon fight us. We get it all, kraken, galleon and sloop decide to team up on us. We manage to sell everything after a massive fight.

P.S. this was written while at work. I’m sorry for any mistakes or weird style. I accept any criticism.

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