Sea of Thieves

My first in-game day.

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Ahoi, mateis!

Today I arrived to the new world, after many many years of working the farmland, and after me beloved passed away. I managed to buy a pesky sloop from some shady sailor, and here I am now.

Me first day started in Sanctuary Outpost, I got me some bananas, wood planks and some cannonballs, and I went on me way, to explore this beautiful new world. After a while of sailin', I came across Boulder Cay, were some scary skellingtons started attacking me. After running around and using me shovel to get 'em back under the earth, I played with some pigs that ran around the island (even though it's quite small) and went back on me way.

A while more of sailin', and I came across Smuggler's Bay, quite the beauty. I ran, and ran, and ran, exploring arand the island, and I got meself a couple of gunpowder barrels, which I avidly put in me hold, and after exploring a lil' more, I found a shinny chest, I think it was a Marauder's Chest.


With this fine haul, and the sun starting to set down, I decided to sail back to Sanctuary Outpost and cash in me loot, 'cause as ye all know, it's not yer loot until you cash it in. Everythin' went as smooth as a babe's skin, and at the end of the day, I got meself 240 gold from the gunpowder, and 388 gold from the marauder's chest. Quite the haul, if I say so meself.

And with this, ends me first day. If ye see a sloop with only the front lights on, that's me, feel free to come by and say hi, and I will be glad to share me loot. After all, I'm old, and I'm here to explore and enjoy!

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