Sea of Thieves

My first time fighting a skeleton fleet

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Ignore the noob title, I didn’t know how else to say it.

I’ve been playing SOT on and off since launch and my buddy hit me up the other day to just sloop, and we did. Eventually we see the ship in the distance and had never tried it before, so we set a course for it and got ready to go.

The only problem was, we had no more materials then what you spawn with


So the battle began pretty normally. We are both equally good players but my friend is slightly better at sailing while I have skeleton-level aim with the cannons. Our ship takes damage and tons of anchor balls, and we hold on for the first wave. After finishing it, the game doesn’t immediately start another wave and we begin to think it’s over, and that the small amount of loot that popped up from one of the ships we sunk was all that was to be plundered. We nearly ran out of planks and cannonballs and were low on bananas, and were ready to be done.

That’s when the music started playing and the next wave started.

I realized pretty quickly that we were screwed and I used up the


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