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My “friendly pirate” story

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I was at an outpost finishing selling off my loot (solo sloop) when I saw a white sailed sloop anchored at the opposite side. Odd. No engagement, no "Ahoy!", nothing. So I swim wide around the island keeping the duo in sight and make my way to their boat to investigate and see what happens. I slip aboard unnoticed and make my way to the crows nest to see if there are any funpowder barrels. Alas it was empty, so I laid down in the the nest to just wait it out. Wait what out you ask? I really wasn't sure. I was just there to play the game.

Since this truly is a game of doing whatever you like and making your own fun, I felt like I was doing a damn fine job playing the game by taking a nap in someone else's crows nest. As they make their way back to the ship I hear them over game chat.

"Is that everything? Where are we going now?"

They aren't saying a thing about my ship or the possible presence of another player. Oh man, these guys are not paying attention.

"Ok let's go"

As they set sail another sloop with Admiral sails comes their way. They sail a little too close, cutting across the bow and making contact. but for the 10 or so seconds my new friend's sloop is within firing range they didn't take a shot. As we pass by the Admiral's stern our guy on the cannon let's 2 or 3 fly. The last one connects on the back canopy before their angled too far to connect any more.




"Dude, awesome"

You could practically hear the virtual high fives being dished out for being the victors of this scrape. Aw, they're brand new. How adorable! OK, so even though I had been contemplating jumping down onto the canopy and taking them both out from behind before they knew what hit them and running their ship aground, I just couldn't do it to these greenhorns. But that brush against the other ship of course put a hole or two in the hull, and neither of them were aware of the damage that had been done. Uh oh, perhaps my adventure was over before it began.

Leaving their newly defeated opponent in their wake (my new friends most likely believing the reason being they're in a shear panic from the onslaught they just endured, or simply dead), they sailed on with a new found confidence, an unstoppable pirate force these two were!

Even from the crows nest I can hear the ship groaning under the weight of all the water it's taken on. Just when I thought it was over though, one of them turned around after using the map and discovered the catastrophe. This is where it got quite interesting again. Most players that have been sunk a time or two will start to freak if there's a puddle of water in the boat. This wasn't just a puddle though, as I was seeing water gathering at his ankles from the nest. Even I would have freaked. But no. This fearless crew barely batted an eye.

"Uh oh. We took a hit, I'll fix it."

"We took a hit? Oh…"

Patched and bailed in just the nick of time. Phew!

Another sloop approached on the starboard from between the rocks. It's traveling quite slow with its sails pointed completely the wrong way and actually on a straight collision course with the rocks themselves. I immediately see it as a non-threat, questioning if it's even occupied. But even a boat without a crew nearly got the upper hand on my new friends.

"Oh we got another boat! It's coming at us! Should I fire?!"

The empty boat goes drifting passed the stern of our boat. It's obviously taking on water from it's own tussle with the rocks just moments ago, but my guys apparently missed that.


"UM! UMMMM! No, wait… wait, let's… let's see what they do. If they turn around and come for us we'll deal with it" Adorable!

"OK. I'm gonna go up into the crow's nest to take a look around"


My time to shine. As my new friend reaches the top of the ladder I stand up, unmute my mic, and say

"I was wondering how long it would take you to find me"

He screams "AHHH! JESUS CHRIST!!" and pulls out his cutlass, then pistol, then a banana then his cutlass again while almost falling out of the nest.

Through my hardy laughter I say "Woah woah woah, relax! I mean you no harm! It's cool!"

"What the f**k where did you come from?!" said my nest friend, the greener of the two.

"You guys didn't see my ship back there at the outpost before you got there?"

"Well we did, but…" said the other pirate at the helm before trailing off. "I don't know about this. This is bad" he said, wisely.

But I assured him "I'm trying to be friendly man, no need to worry about me. I see you guys are pretty new. I thought about killing you both outright but I just couldn't do it, so I decided to hang out in your nest to see how long it would take you to figure out I was up there".

"Dude, you scared the S**T out of me!" said my nest friend.

We all had a good laugh about it. From there we sailed to their next destination for a pair of skulls, and after that a couple X marks. I showed them the benefit of not dropping your anchor, as well as where to hide their chests and skulls. (not on the poop deck for everyone to see). We also figured out that a pirate from another crew can't initially dig up chests from a rivals X marks.

"I'm still weary. What do you get out of this?" asked the helm pirate.

"Fun" I said with a smile.

We floated on by the original outpost where I left my ship. Surprisingly it was still there.

"Hi boat!" I yell.

Once we made it to their next island I showed them how to properly dock. There was a funpowder barrel on the dock. I was having so much fun with my new crew that a devious thought never crossed my mind, but Helm Pirate never let his guard down. When he came back from the island with chest in tow he saw me on their deck with the barrel.

"Oh, God, what do you plan on doing with that?" he groaned.

That's when I realized how bad it must look.

"No no! I was just gonna show you where they go :>" I said sheepishly. I bring it up to the nest and inform them it's the only place they don't do damage to your ship. Helm Pirate was flabbergasted.

"Is there any way we can share this with you?" he asked.

"Well, not directly, no. You could kindly let me turn a chest in for myself if you wanted" I state.

"Yeah, well give you the Marauder's!" shouted Helm Pirate. As we moor up at the dock of our outpost, we see my ship is no longer there. We all have a sip of grog as a way to pour one out for my fallen vessel.

They turn in their loot, and I get my Marauder's as promised.

"Well, I'm turning in for the night. Thanks again, mystery pirate!" said Helm Pirate.

"Keep your head on a swivel!" I shout at a distance as I give a friendly salute to my new pirate friends and then lunge into the sunset for a mermaid ride.

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