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My greatest PvP accomplishment so far

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I know there have been a million posts about this but I really felt like sharing…

Me and my buddy were both sloopin around doing some GH voyages trying to get the 20 chests achievment. We were at anchor at wanderers refuge getting our last chest there when I spot a Brig making a B-Line straight for our anchored ship. We rush back raise anchor and slip out of the way with not a second to spare as the Brig slams into shore (to our resounding sound of laughter and panic) just missing us and setting off a powder keg that was close enough to shake us but no damage. Naturally a chase ensued. We managed to avoid a cannon barrage from them and point ourselves into the wind.

We are both fairly casual players, so having 14 chests onboard, we really didn't want to get into a full scale fight and we had no gunpowder to even the odds. So I decided to grab the ol' trusty Blunderbuss and try to board them to give my buddy time to sail to an outpost.


I jumped into the water and waited for the Brig to close in. I climbed onboard with the intention of dropping their anchor and just trying to delay them. One of them was PL so I didn't expect much from myself, but for some reason they didn't notice me! I shot their helmsman at point blank then ran up and dropped the anchor before they realized I was even onboard. By some stroke of luck I killed the other two members of the crew and ran to hide, I figured I would stick around and hold them up as much as I could while my buddy kept putting distance between us. When they respawned, for reasons I still question, they decided to keg their own ship (I assume hoping to kill me, which didn't happen). They raised anchor and started to bail water. I popped out of my hiding spot and killed them all again to the sounds of "Oh my god he's still here, he's in the hold". At this point my heart was racing, I wasn't thinking straight anymore, rather than drop their anchor again I went up their Crows nest, lit up a gunpowder barrel, dropped it down and jumped into the ocean to go rejoin my friend who had made it to the outpost.

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As we were turning in our last chest the Brig swooped in and 2 guys cannoned themselves ashore, only to once again be killed off. I almost never engage in PvP, and I've certainly never been this successful, but the whole scenario got me so hyped up I just had to share!

TL;DR Solo boarded a Brig, killed the whole crew twice, bought time for my friend to make it to an outpost to sell all our loot, killed them again.

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