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My honest feelings with Sea of Thieves and the constant complaints

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I understand that some of you are disappointed that you are gonna have to wait to do cargo runs, it does suck that the one new quest addition over the last 6 months is getting delayed and that's your new rallying cry but its not like you do the Skele ships anyways and that was just added!

You will all say i'm just defending Rare but you all have to be realistic and stop screaming and shouting at any "inconvenience" to you. You are all getting exactly what you have been asked for, you all wanted rowboats added into the game and bam you are getting it. You wanted more interaction with islands instead of the same ol same ol and how every island was the same and bam just like that you are getting it. You are getting more difficult voyages, and we don't even know the details of how they are more difficult but they are in fact harder than a voyage you find at golden sands. You asked for new cosmetics and we are getting 3 full unique sets in a single update compared to the 2 full sets and 2 clothing sets that have been added over the entirety of the games lifespan.


Then the complaint was that bugs were getting through and ruining your gameplay, so they are delaying it and getting stuff out when its actually ready and not just available and somehow you are complaining about that. Let me tell you, the cannonball barrel bug annoys me to no ends as a solo slooper and i would be so happy if that just went away, so ill never complain about them taking a little extra time to make sure stuff like that doesn't get through.

I love this game, i jump on maybe once or twice a week for a a 2-4 hour session and i have fun the entire time. Be it out sailing bigger and faster ships or just doing random voyages just for the fun of it. ( all but OoS that stuff is the worst for solo players ) Your complaints aren't incorrect or wrong in any way but you have to calm down and just think about what they are adding for us and be remember its for free. We all bought the game and they are adding so much more for us to do and experience and doing it for free. I didn't hold onto the game because i hoped they would add more into it, i kept it because i thought the game was fun and good enough and them adding more is just making it better.

Read:  Rare, add something of meaning to your game, please.

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