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My List of wants in SoT

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Me, my friend and SO have recently started playing this game and honestly. We all love it, as a multiplayer game its great fun. However, like most, I am also painfully aware that the game needs more content in general. After talking to them (and reading this subreddit) here is the list of things I would like to eventually see added (And yes, some of these have been said before) I would also like to say that I know the devs are trying to make everything fair, so new players stand a chance against veterans, and this is one of my favourite parts about the game.

1) Ranged Weapons. so, I know there isn't a huge variety of ranged weapons, and I think what they have is great selection that covers most bases a Harpoon would be a really cool 4th option. This would either need a long cool down and be easyish to avoid. However it could kill in one shot and be fired at a enemy ship to help board it at speed and at range. I would also like ot see on the snipe, different scopes. Not so much some zooming in more, but instead of just having the same crack. I would like some to have a chip in the glass, some to have a smudge and some to have just a perfect target retical. This wouldn't change the usability, just the graphics of shooting.

2) Close combat. This needs a few new weapons, but again not loads. I think a dagger(or daggers) for faster attacks that do less damage with less range. You can't block attacks well, but you can disarm the sword. Then another close combat weapon that is slower but does heavier damage. These choices (along with the harpoon) should be available to everyone at the start, so its still a fair fight. It might add a bit of a rock, paper, scissor element to combat, but that could help if its 2 v 3.


3) Combat variety #1. I would love to see more enemies, while i'm sure there's loads of ideas hanging around I have two I like the sound of. The first is a couple a TOWNS around the map. Not outposts, but two large towns. Here you can swap your ship size mid-game (if possible on the server) encase your friend logs on, but your don't want to leave the server. There should be town exclusive shops. Nothing on the outposts will appear in it, but more civilian cloths will appear. Finally, instead of just shop keepers, there are also just pointless NPC's. In say, 3 townsmen houses at random, chests will appear. You can steal it, but the second you do a LOT of towns guards spawn to kill you, until you escape. This could also introduce a bounty type system. The treasure from the town is worth LOADS, but while you have it you are visible to the whole map after escaping the guard. These event happens x amount of times a day. Imagine taking part in the opening scene from Pirates of the Caribbean 1, where the pirates outright attack the town.

4) Combat variety #2. The second combat type is famous pirates, either from history or legend. Davy Jones, Hook, Blackbeard Etc, roaming the seas. If they have a legendary curse etc, keep it. Keep them as roaming bosses with treasure and unique mechanics to keep players on there toes. Make every one different, and say a different one spawns at points throughout the day.

5) Combat variety #3. Add more basic creatures to see and fight (piranhas etc), but also more mythical sea creatures to fight. There are loads, and would add verity from the skeleton hordes.

6) Cosmetic pets. I would love for them to add a few pets to the game, Parrots, monkeys, rats etc. They don't have to do anything, but are just an extra thing for us to decorate our pirate with.

What do you guys think? Do you have any more suggestions to add? I'll edit more in that I think of later (I am sure I have missed some)


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